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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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IELTS writing samples band 9


You should spend about 40 minutes on this question.
Some people believe that sport is an essential part of school life for children, while others feel it should be purely optional. Discuss these opposing views and give your own opinion.
You should give reasons for your answer, and include ideas and examples from your own knowledge and experience.
Write at least 250 words.

IELTS writing sample 1

Sport continues to be a contentious issue in the classroom, and sport itself has become a contentious enterprise in certain ways. Both sides have good points of view, which I shall address today.
On the one hand, some individuals believe that sports waste time that might be spent on academic topics like test preparation. Furthermore, it may be argued that forcing children to participate in things in which they are uninterested is foolish. After all, some children are just not athletic and should be let to study instead. Finally, there are concerns about the sport’s wholesomeness, with drugging and corruption scandals becoming more regular, as we see in cycling right now. Some argue that this lack of values sets a bad example for children and teenagers.
On the other hand, one of the most significant advantages of sport is that it aids children’s physical development at an early age. They would grow unfit and their intellect would suffer if they spent all of their time studying. Additionally, proponents of school sports highlight the value of team bonding in games such as football or hockey, which are frequently seen as ideal preparation for adulthood. Finally, many people believe that sports develop a competitive attitude, which is so crucial nowadays. Many successful business individuals, for example, excelled in sports in high school.
Overall, I believe that schoolchildren should be required to participate in sports since the benefits to their mental and physical development exceed the disadvantages. This is true as long as youngsters are given a broad choice of options to select from, their interest is maintained, and the sports business maintains the highest standards of behaviour.


Some individuals believe that keeping animals in captivity, such as in zoos, is always bad. Others argue that there are advantages for both animals and humans. Discuss all sides of the argument and provide your own opinion.
You should justify your response with reasoning and examples drawn from your own knowledge and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

IELTS writing sample 2

Even after they’ve developed into ‘animal parks’ or comparable facilities, zoos remain contentious. Animals are loved by the majority of humans, and there are strong opinions on both sides, which I shall explore today.
People who oppose zoos point out how strange it is for animals to live in such locations. Captive animals, for example, are not required to hunt or rear young, implying that they are not living as nature intended. Furthermore, the anti-zoo movement claims that animals in captivity are likely to suffer psychologically, even if their surroundings are large and comparable to their natural environment. Mental health difficulties manifest themselves in caged animals in a variety of ways, from repetitive behavior to eating disorders. Finally, it is sometimes said that zoos contribute nothing to animal conservation, which is best served by maintaining their natural environment.
Those who favor zoos, on the other hand, argue that in most circumstances, they provide a safe and serene environment for animals, such as in high-quality wildlife parks or reserves. They go on to say that in many situations, the animals would face habitat destruction or poaching in the wild, but that in captivity, they are safe and able to reproduce effectively. Finally, zoogoers believe that zoos and animal parks are part of a larger system of animal protection that includes habitat preservation, breeding programs, and illness prevention. All of this contributes to the conservation of endangered species and, as a result, the global environment for the benefit of all living forms in the future.

Overall, I believe that zoos offer a significant service to humanity and the animal kingdom by assisting in the conservation of several species. As long as they are adequately manned and maintained, this exceeds any potential downsides.

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