IELTS listening 技巧 【2022懶人包】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
英文補習名師,港大一級榮譽,多年英文補習經驗,歷年來曾教授超過1000名學生,學生遍及各大名校,由初中至成人英語皆可因材施教,獲《TVB》、《Now TV》、《經濟一週》、《晴報》、《親子王》、《經濟日報》等專訪

IELTS listening 技巧

Question Type

  • Multiple-choice Questions
  • Matching Questions
  • Gap-filling Questions
  • Form-filling Questions
  • Short Questions
  • Labelling a Map / Plan / Diagram

IELTS 試前準備

1. Charts / Maps

  1. Put a tick in the appropriate box.


  1. Draw an ‘X’ in the correct box.


  1. Shade in part ‘C’.


  1. Label the picture.

[標籤 / 標示圖畫]

  1. Draw a line to connect A and C.


  1. Write in the correct symbol and correlation.


  1. Draw a broken line.


  1. Draw a dotted line.


2. Following Directions

Go straight on …


Turn right / left …

[轉左 / 右]

Cross …


Go along …

[沿著 … 行]

Go through …


Head (= Go) north / south

[向北 / 南行]

3. Direction / Position

in front of X // behind X

[在某東西的前面 / 後面]

in the front of X // at the back

[在某空間的前面 / 後面]

on the left // on the right

[在左面 / 右面]

near / beside / next to / by / adjacent to X


opposite / facing X


diagonally opposite …


on the same side // on the other side

[同一邊 / 另一邊]

between X and Y / in between / in the middle


above / on top of / on X


below / under X


X is at the junction of Road Y and Road Z.


X is at the corner of Road Y and Road Z.


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