IELTS 7 分 寫作句式 絕對實用 【懶人包】【附例句】

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IELTS 7分 是不少IELTS考生的目標
所以,這篇文章會提供你 IELTS Band 7 的寫作句式,而且是非常實用,具體,包含:例句

IELTS 7 分 寫作句式


句式 1

Thereason+why+ 句子 +isthat 句子
例句: The reasons why Mah-jong has gained popularity in HK are explained below. 例句: The reasons why watching TV makes us smarter are difficult to comprehend

句式 2

engender 名詞 (導致) [感受]
例句: This incident has engendered a lot of controversies. [引言]
例句: Joining this exchange program engenders students’ sense of responsibility (聖人 ___________ )

句式 3
名詞 is the root cause of + n. (…是…的根本原因)

例句: Wide wealth gap is the root cause of the social conflicts nowadays.

例句: Lack of comprehensive welfare policy launched by the government is the root cause of the problem of inter-generational poverty.

句式 4

名詞 is the culprit of + 名詞. (… 罪魁禍首)

例句: The lack of concentration is the culprit of many students’ poor academic results. 例句: long working hours are the culprits of some chronic diseases.

例句: The blind pursuit of economic growth is the culprit of moral degradation in Chinese society.

句式 5
名詞+ result from / stem from + 名詞. (起源於)

例句: The grave poverty problems stem from the lack of a comprehensive social welfare policy in HK.

例句: Their poor relationship with the family stems from a misunderstanding.
句式 6
attributed to/ascribed to/associated with/connected with/related to + 名詞 (歸因於)

例句: That teenagers are not happy is attributed to the high-stress levels from academic studies.

例句: The phenomenal success of K-pop can be ascribed to good marketing strategies.


句式 1
名詞 is advantageous to/beneficial to/conducive to/instrumental in 名詞/ 動詞+ ing

例句: Doing regular exercise is conducive to __________________ (improve) our health.

例句: A harmonious family environment is conducive to the __________________ growth of children.

例句: Playing sports is beneficial to our body.
例句:Developing a sophisticated education system is advantageous to the sustainable

development of a country.
例句: A strong rapport is instrumental in cultivating a sense of __________________ in HK.

句式 2
名詞 improve /enhance/strengthen/ameliorate +名詞 (改善)

例句: This new initiative can ameliorate the air quality of a country.
例句: The new school policy helps students ameliorate academic performance

句式 3

名詞 + be harmful to/detrimental to/deleterious to/injurious to 名詞
例句: Excessive pressure is detrimental to our ________________ health.
例句: Playing games full of violence is injurious to teenagers’ psychological development.

例句: It is detrimental to our health; and it is equally deleterious to our social and family life.

句式 4

名詞 endanger / compromise /jeopardize / _____________ 名詞 (危及)

例句: Addiction to social media will jeopardize students’ health.

例句: The new project will jeopardize the livelihood of taxi drivers.

例句: Global warming will endanger the habitat of wild _________________.

例句: The surging rents in recent years have compromised the profit of small businesses.

例 句 : This protest will jeopardize Hong Kong’s stability and safety ( 聖 人 _________________ ).

例句: Working for long hours engender various health ________________.

例句: Using a lot of social media without constant communication with the family will jeopardize the relationship with parents.


句式 1
名詞 is a case in point (…是一個例子)

例句: Students enjoy using social media during their leisure time. Instagram is a case in point. 例句: Finance, law, and medicine are cases in point.

句式 2

名詞 is a glaring/vivid/striking example. 例句: English grammar is a striking example. 例句: Badminton is a vivid example.

句式 3

  • 名詞  and 名詞 are a list of illustrations that 句子

  • 名詞  and 名詞 are a list of illustrations of 名詞

    例句: Eating apples and doing more exercise are a list of illustrations of staying healthy.


句式 1
Compared with + n., + 句子(與…相比)

例句: Compared with their counterparts, local students are often not hardworking due to a lack of motivation.

例句: Compared with the ossified education system in HK, the schools in Finland adopt more free-style teaching based on an interactive learning system.

Comparing + 名詞 + with + 名詞, you will find that + 句子(將…..比較,你會發現)

例句: Comparing the local singers nowadays with the superstars in the 1980s, you will find that their standard is low.

例句: Comparing the children nowadays with those in the 1960s and the 1970s, you will find that they are over-dependent and spoilt by their parents.

句式 2

On one hand, + 句子 + On the other hand, + 句子 (一方面…另一方面)
例句: On one hand, incinerators can reduce the burden on our landfills. On the other hand,

they will exacerbate the air pollution problem.

例句: On one hand, credit cards can provide us with convenience. On the other hand, they may lead to overspending.

句式 3
句子 + In contrast, + 句子 (相反)

例句: The birth rate in many countries like Germany and Japan has been declining. In contrast, the United States has maintained a relatively a high birth rate. As a result, its

productivity will be higher in the years to come.

In contrast to + 名詞, + 句子(與其他事物相比)
例句: In contrast to the government in Singapore, the Hong Kong government does not

provide sufficient assistance for the public to purchase their homes.

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