IELTS results 點得黎?30%考生都唔知分數嘅含義!

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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如何計算你的 IELTS Results ?

IELTS 分為聆聽 (Listening)、閱讀 (Reading)、寫作 (Writing)、和會話 (Speaking) 四大部 分。

每份 IELTS 考卷所佔的比重一樣,因此你的 IELTS 整體評級是四份考卷的平均評級。

此四個 IELTS 部份將會先獨立計分,

然後通過計算四份 IELTS 試卷的平均分數(合計總 分除以四),

將會得出你的整體 IELTS 分數(取值至最接近的半級或一級)。

IELTS 成績單上 同時會 印出四個部份的獨立分數及 IELTS 總分數,


假設你在聆聽卷中考獲 6.5,閱讀考獲 6.5,寫作考獲 5.0,會話考獲 7.0,那麼你的 最終成績為: (6.5 + 6.5 + 5.0 + 7.0) ÷ 4 = 6.25,

最終調整至 IELTS 6.5 分 假設你在聆聽卷中考獲 4.0,閱讀考獲 3.5,寫作考獲 4.0,會話考獲 4.0

那麼你的 最終成績為: (4.0 + 3.5 + 4.0 + 4.0) ÷ 4 = 3.875,最終調整至 IELTS 4 分

IELTS Results 含義?

Band 9 Expert User Has fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding.

Band 8 Very good user Has fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well.

Band 7 Good user Has operational command of the language, though with occasional inaccuracies, inappropriacies and misunderstandings in some situations. Generally handles complex language well and understands detailed reasoning.

Band 6 Competent user Has generally effective command of the language despite some inaccuracies, inappropriacies and misunderstandings. Can use and understand fairly complex language, particularly in familiar situations.

Band 5 Modest user Has partial command of the language, coping with overall meaning in most situations, though is likely to make many mistakes. Should be able to handle basic communication in own field.

Band 4 Limited user Basic competence is limited to familiar situations. Has frequent problems in understanding and expression. Is not able to use complex language.

Band 3 Extremely limited user Conveys and understands the only general meaning in very familiar situations. Frequent breakdowns of communication occur. 

Band 2 Intermittent user No real communication is possible except for the most basic information using isolated words or short formulae in familiar situations and to meet immediate needs. Has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.

Band 1 Nonuser Essentially cannot use the language beyond possibly a few isolated words.

Band 0 Did not attempt the test No assessable information provided.

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