IELTS writing 技巧 10個要到Band 7 一定要知嘅技巧

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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IELTS writing 技巧

  1. 同學們在IELTS作文卷第一個要面對的便是需要分析數據的Task 1,分析數據時少不免會用到increase/decrease等字眼,除了寫下簡單的”The statistic increases from 10% to 20%”,同學們可以試試不同的字眼及句式,例如:
    ”Graphically, it is recognized that the number of organ donors in Germany doubled to 20% over the past decade.”
  2. IELTS 作文卷的字數限制不多,Task 1 要求達到150字,Task 2則要求達到250字。同學們宜善用連接詞,將文章的前文後理銜接起來,盡量讓文章讀起來時不會太突兀,像是強行將單個句子放到一起一樣。例如剛表達完第一個idea,可以這樣寫:
    “Of equal importance is the chronic overpopulation in Kwun Tong’ traffic.”
  3. 寫作卷裡常常發生要重覆提及題目中關鍵字眼的情況,這個時候最好不要反覆同一個字眼太多次,不然很容易給人感覺沉悶、麻木。要是無法避免提及題目字眼,同學們可以用詞義近似甚或相同的字眼取代。例如:
    “Accumulator vehicles (electric cars) are often depicted as highly ecologically favorable (environmentally friendly) by the media.”
  4. 文章開頭Introduction的時候不妨用這樣的句式表達中心思想:
    it is (adj) that…
    e.g. “It is undeniable that women are just as intelligent as men, if not more intelligent.”
  5. 當遇上一些關於正反雙方立論的題目時,可以試用以下句式作introduction:
    there is a hot/heated debate over…
    e.g. “There is a hot debate over raising the income taxation.”
  6. 除了’in conclusion’, ‘finally’這些入門級的結語之外,同學們可以用以下的詞作替代:
    to summarize… in a nutshell… in closing…
    e.g. “In a nutshell, the advantages that come with replacing PE classes outnumber that of keeping them.”
  7. 同學們在論述反方意見時,可以用以下句式:
    However, it is also noteworthy that…
    e.g. “However, it is also noteworthy that having pets could pose as a potential threat to one’s newborn.”
  8. 這個句式適用於表達一些細小的數據:
    Hardly any (sth)…
    e.g. “As shown in the figure, one can observe that hardly any money is spent on buying books per week.”
  9. 不用公式化的句式來引用數據,同學們可以用以下句式:
    I shall appeal to (reference) to argue that…
    e.g. “I shall appeal to research conducted by the World Bank to argue that the world population is growing at an extremely rapid rate.”
  10. 以下句式可用作表達兩樣事物的關係(有因才有果):
    (reason) makes for (result)
    e.g. “A healthy relationship makes for a healthy lifestyle.”

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