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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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要考好IELTS Writing,其中一個方法就是看 IELTS Writing Samples 。從中學習他們的用字及句式

在此,小編總結了兩篇 IELTS Writing Samples,供大家參考!

IELTS Writing Samples

Complaint Letter


Recently, you went to a camp in a holiday village with a group of friends. However, you encountered something unacceptable and would like to complain to the village authority. Write a complaint letter to the Customer Officer of the campsite, Mr. Lee, to complain about the poor camping services your group received. Sign your name ‘Chris Wong’. Do not write any address.


Dear Mr Lee, 

I am writing to complain about the unacceptable experiences we had when we stay at your campsite last weekend. 


The first problem was about the sleeping facilities. All the sheets and blankets seemed not to have been cleaned for a long time. They were as old as ragged clothes. There was no air-conditioning. We had to sleep in a room which was a big oven! The worst thing was about the bathroom – a big bathroom for the whole group. Moreover, it was open for both sexes! What kind of camp was that? And some of the locks on the toilet’s doors were broken. How could a campsite be so inconvenient? I once bumped into a toilet cubicle where there was already a man using it! It was embarrassing for both of us. 


The food was horrible not only because of their bad taste but also their poor sanitation. One of my classmates even found an insect swimming blissfully inside his bowl when he was drinking the soup. How could this happen? And the selection of food was insufficient. We had to eat the same kind of food for six days! Moreover, the breakfasts were only microwave food boxes which are lack nutrition and were unhealthy for us. I do think we observed better food! 


I would say this is the worst camping experience I have ever had. I urge your campsite to review the services and quality of the food provided. I do hope prompt action will be taken to improve the quality of your campsite. 


Yours sincerely, 

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Experience and feeling


One evening you went to visit your friend. However, a lift in your friend’s building stopped between floors, trapping an elderly woman and you are inside. Describe what happened in the trapped lift and how you felt about this incident. 


One evening I decided to give a surprise visit to my friend, Jane. She lives in a block of flats not far from my school, so I thought I would pop in on my way home. 


I waited a moment for the lift in her block. As the lift door opened, I was joined by an elderly lady. No one spoke as we went into the lift. Suddenly, the lift stopped. We were plunged into darkness as the power failed. For a split second, I was panic-stricken. I pictured the lift plunging its shaft crushing us all to death. I pictured slowly dying from a lack of oxygen, as the fan had stopped working. I began to talk silently to myself to try to calm myself down. Firmly I made myself be sensible and reviewed my situation. 


I could see nothing in the dark, but I could hear the old lady cry to surprise and fear. She began to weep. I told her not to worry. Someone would find us soon. In trying to calm her down, I found that I had forgotten my fear. I reached my hand out in front of me, found the panel, and tried to feel for the alarm button. Up and up my hand went, touching all the buttons. It rang out loud and clear – what a relief! At first, no one answered, and I began to feel frightened again. 


I was so happy when I heard voices at last. The caretaker assured us that he had telephoned for help. All the time he kept talking to us so that we knew we were not alone. Suddenly the light came on. The lift began to move again. Now when I get in a lift, I always remember my unhappy experience and hold my breath until I can get out again!

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