April 5, 2022

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 全攻略 【詳解】

這篇文章會告訴你 IELTS Speaking Part 1 的應對方法。 在以下的文章,你將會學到各種應付 IELTS Speaking Task 1 的技巧 下面會分開不同的題型進行論述! IELTS Speaking Part 1 題目種類 題目一:Do you prefer X or Y? 題目例子: Do you prefer writing letters or sending emails? Do you prefer arriving 5 minutes before or arriving on time? Do you prefer talking on the phone or chatting online?  答題步驟: 1. State which one you prefer.  2. Compare the two things. 3. Give reasons and examples to explain why.  範例: Do you prefer arriving 5 minutes before or arriving on time? That’s a difficult decision, but I’d have to say that I prefer coming 5 mins earlier to arriving on time because I won’t be in a panic. It will be unpleasant to the folks waiting if I arrive with sweat dripping down my face. Arriving sooner is preferable, and it also demonstrates that you value and respect the other person. 題目二:Do you like…? 題目例子: Do you like shopping? Do you like spending time with your family? 答題步驟: 1. Give your own reason 2. Give a short personal experience  範例: Do you like spending time with your family? The ability to better understand each other is one of the most important reasons I appreciate spending time with my family. For example, I enjoy participating in activities with my parents. As a result, I would strongly advise everyone to spend more time with their families. 題目三:What do you usually normally do? 題目例子: What do you do on average day? What is your normal daily routine?  Can you describe your typical day?  What do you usually do on weekends?  答題步驟: 1. Say what you do at the time. 2. Say how often you do these things. 範例: Tell me about your usual daily routine?  I normally get up about 8 a.m. Through breakfast, I always have a cup of coffee and go over my study notes. Then I usually ride the bus to school. I frequently catch up with my friends in the corridor before class begins, and we chit-chat about life and school. I always go straight home after school. then begin working on my homework as my mother prepares dinner for me I frequently visit Around 10 p.m., I went to bed. 題目四:How often do you do X? 題目例子: Do you often go to laboratory? How often do you read books?  How often do visitors come to your home?  How often do you go out to dinner with friends?  答題步驟: 1. Describe how regularly you engage in the activity. 2. Explain why you do it so frequently. 範例: Do you often swim? Despite my hectic daily schedule, swimming is something. I do twice a week. I usually swim alone on one day to rain and the other day is for having fun with a group of friends. All I all, I enjoy swimming, no matter on my own or with others. 題目五:What do you want/ hope to do (in the future) ? 題目例子: What do you want/ hope to do (in the future)❓ What do you


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