complaint letter 格式 【step by step 教你寫】!

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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Complaint Letter 格式


Step 1: I am writing to lodge a complaint / express my concern about the poor services, which was far from satisfactory. 

Step 2: As a _________________________, I would like to give a brief account of my observation as well as further reasons. 


1. Topic Sentences:

1st:Among all other dissatisfaction, the most prominent is that 句子

2nd: equally exasperating is the fact that 句子

3rd: What further struck me most was that 句子

2. 投訴內容:

  • Toilet: water overflowing / faeces everywhere / cockroaches crawling /
  • Food: insects crawling / food poisoning 
  • appalling facilities
  • overcrowding
售後服務After-sale services 
  • late delivery 
  • no response on the consumers’ hotline


人事Human resources 
  • indifferent attitude of the staff
  • lack of staff/ poor coordination
廣告 Advertising
  • This violates the Trade Description Ordinance 商品說明條例
  • This is too misleading
  • This is exaggerated 
條款Terms and conditions 
  • require for refund or replacement

3. 感受


  • The top-notch service deserves our attention.
  • So abysmal were the staff services that….   


  • It was downright ridiculous. 
  • Never had I expected our visit to this restaurant to make me so dissatisfied. 
  • The visit this time, albeit short-lived, was more a joke than an enjoyable experience!
  • Could you imagine my exasperation and bewilderment?  


Step 1: _______________________

In a nutshell, this experience was atrocious and disappointing. Had it not been for my friends’ recommendations, I would have not visited your restaurant.
Step 2: 行動
免賠 改退回

seek complementary/ free services / waive the charge
ask for compensation
improve the services
ask for refund
reply and provide clarification

I look forward to your reply. Escalating this case to the Consumer Council, which may jeopardize your reputation, is the last resort should no reply is received.

I urge your company to review the quality of services provided. Prompt action should be taken to rectify the situation. I anticipate your earliest response.

I hereby demand your apology with regard to such chaos as well as a pledge that improvements will be made.

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