2015 DSE English Paper 2 題目 【5**答案】!?

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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想要一篇寫作範例做參考?以下是 2015 DSE English paper 2 題目 5**答案


所以以下會提供 2015 DSE english paper 2 題目 答案 。而全部都是出自5**狀元的手筆!

2015 DSE English paper 2 Part A

A recent article in the Young Post suggested that an 8:00 am start to the school day makes students feel tired and sleepy. Write to the editor of the Young Post expressing your views on the following:

why students feel tired; and 

whether or not a 9:00 am start will solve the problem.

2015 DSE English Paper 2 題目

2015 writing Part A 開首

Dear Editor,
  1. 寫信目的
I am writing to express my views on why students often feel tired nowadays.
  1. 背景介紹 + 開啟下文
Feeling drowsy at the beginning of any given day, students’ learning efficiency can be severely impaired. As they are future pillars of our society, we should look into this issue carefully for the betterment of the community.

2015 writing Part A 內文 1

  1. 標題句
Insufficient sleep may be one of the causes which lead to tiredness of students.
  1. 詳細解釋
As the recent article stated, an 8:00 a.m. start to the school day inevitably limits their sleeping hours. It is believed by scientists that a healthy person should sleep for more than eight hours per day. I am certain that most Hong Kong students now cannot meet this standard. They may have countless explanations to this, be it the ceaseless homework distributed by schools, or the extra tutorial exercises. No prizes for guessing, their bodies cannot fully recuperate from the work with the given sleeping time. Thus, they feel tired and sleepy next morning, and the vicious circle continues.

2015 writing Part A 內文 2

  1. 相反觀點 + 讓步
Perhaps, a 9:00 a.m. start to the school day may solve the problem seemingly, by extending students’ sleeping hours.
  1. 反駁句
Yet, insufficient sleep is only the superficial reason.
  1. 詳細解釋
We should not overlook their sleeping quality. No matter how long we sleep, tiredness is still there if the rest is of low quality. As far as I know, many students are constantly worrying about their academic results even during their sleep. Such an anxious mental state has contributed to their poor sleeping quality. Hardly can they recharge their batteries physically and psychologically. Therefore, I believe that the importance attached to academic results in our exam-oriented education system is the culprit why students feel tired frequently. A 9:00 a.m. start to school days may alleviate the problem temporarily, but its effects are minimal. Only by reducing students’ stress can we bring this thorny problem to an end.

2015 writing Part A 結尾

  1. 概括上文
With students’ preoccupation with academic pursuit, their deteriorating psychological health is alarming. Should we ignore the fact that blindly pursuing scores and grades makes students tired mentally, their tiredness will persist. 
  1. 建議
Extensive education reforms may bail students out of this grave situation and I sincerely hope that they can soon get rid of their tiredness and drowsiness, studying energetically and blissfully.

以上就是 2015 DSE English paper 2 題目 Part A的答案,大家不妨學習5**狀元的文筆。那麼,在學習 DSE 英文 writing 時便能有效1000%!

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