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Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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在說明 Letter 格式 之前,

想簡單介紹 letter (書信)的種類

letter (書信)形式主要分為兩種:

  1. Formal Letter (例如 Letter to the editor)

參考題目:2012 English Paper 2 Q6 Learning English through Popular Culture (Write a letter to the editor…)

  1. Informal Letter(例如Letter of advice)

參考題目:2012 English Paper 2 Q8 Learning English through Workplace Communication (Write an email to your friend…)

Letter 格式

DSE English paper 2

Formal Letter 離不開公函或商業書信,其中最常見的是Letter to the editor。由於你不認識書寫對象,行文時要用有禮貌的語氣。因此,以下幾點同學們需要注意一下:

  • 如果不知道對方姓名,上款應以Dear Sir/Madam稱呼對方;如果知道對方身分卻不知道姓名,如對方是Editor,上款可以是Dear Editor;如果知道對方姓名,上款只需要寫對方姓氏就可以了,例如Dear Mr. Leung/Dear Miss Chan
  • 不要用縮寫,例如I’m, you’re, we’re等,這些都是對著朋友才會用
  • 下款有兩種情況,第一是知道對方姓名,那麼下款會用Yours sincerely。第二種情況是不認識對方,而且不知道對方姓名,那麼下款會用Yours faithfully

Formal Letter 寫作公式

DSE English Paper 2


  1. I am writing to express my concerns about + n.(表達關注)
  2. I am writing in reply to the letter on + 日期 about + n. (回信)


  1. According to / Based on  + n., + SVO (根據)
  2. In recent years, + SVO (最近幾年)
    Nowadays, + SVO (今時今日)
  3. A recent report / study / survey +
    shows / suggests / reveals / demonstrates + that + SVO (報導 / 研究 / 調查  顯示…)


  1. In this letter, I aim to + v. + 詳細資料
  2. In this letter, I will + v. +詳細資料


  1. Moreover,/Besides,/Also, + SVO (除此以外)
  2. What is more,/More importantly, + SVO (更重要的是)
  3. Last but not least,/Lastly, + SVO (最後一點是)
  4. Concerning / Regarding / with regard to/As regards / As for + n., + SVO (就…而論)


  1. n. + is a reason for / is one of the reasons for + n. (…是…的其中一個原因)
  2. + is a cause of / is one of the causes of + n. (…是…的其中一個原因)
  3. The reason + why + SVO+ is that + SVO (…的原因是…)
  4. n. + engender/contribute to/ lead to/result in/bring about + n. (導致)


  1. v. + ing / n. + be + good for/ advantageous to/beneficial to/conducive to/instrumental in 
  2. + v. + ing / n. (有好處的)
  3. v. + ing / n. improve /enhance/strengthen/ameliorate + n. (改善)
  4. v. + ing / n. + be harmful to/detrimental to/deleterious to/injurious to + n. (有壞處的)
  5. v. + ing / n. harm / endanger / compromise /jeopardize / undermine+ v. + ing / n.(危及)
  6. v. + ing / n. hinder / impede/ hamper (妨礙) + n.


  1. I think that / I believe that + SVO (我相信)
  2. From my point of view, + SVO (依我看)
  3. In my opinion, + SVO (按照我的看法)
  4. As far as I am concerned, / As for me, + SVO (就我而言)


  1. In the following, + I will suggest some ways to + v. (以下,我會提出幾個方法)
  2. In the following, I will make some suggestions.
  3. To tackle/ cure/deal with/ cope with + the problem of + n., + I will put forward some suggestions.
  4. To tackle/ cure / deal with/ cope with the problem of + n., + I will put forward the following recommendations. (為了解決…問題,我會提出以下建議)
  5. 序數詞, / 連接詞 + I suggest/advise/propose/recommend that + SVO. (我提議)
  6. 序數詞, /  連接詞, + it is good / advantageous (for sbdy) to do sthg (…是有好處的)
  7. By / Through + n. / v. + ing, + sbdy + can + do sthg
  8. Sbdy + can + do sthg  by / through +  n. / v. + ing (通過)


  1. In conclusion, / To conclude, + SVO (總括來說)
  2. In sum, / To sum up, + SVO (總括來說)

Informal Letter

在解說 Informal Letter 格式之前先解釋 Informal Letter 會用在哪裡,Informal Letter 通常是寫給朋友或認識的人。Letter of advice是比較常見的一種,行文語氣可以直接一點。

Informal Letter 格式


  • 上款可以直接寫收件人名字,例如Dear Michael/Dear Maggie
  • 可以用縮寫,例如I’m, you’re, we’re等
  • 下款比較多樣化,可以用Best regards/Regards/Take care/Best wishes等

Informal Letter Sample
HKDSE English 2016 Q9

Learning English through Drama 

As a Form Six Student, you are considering educational opportunities after your HKDSE. One option you have selected is the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, as you want to take up an acting career. However, your parents would like you to pursue an academic subject at another institution.

As the deadline for submitting the application is approaching, write an email to your parents, who are now on an overseas trip, to convince them to support your choice.

Informal Letter 範文 上款

Dear Mom and Dad,

Informal Letter 範文 部份一

  1.   問候對方

How are the two of you enjoying the trip to Japan

  1.   談及對方旅程

Now is around the blooming season of cherry blossom and I bet the view is captivating and breathtaking. I wish I could be with you enjoying a moment of relaxation and tranquility and be away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. 

  1.   表明寫信目的

The deadline for submitting the application for HKAPA is around the corner. Despite the countless conversation as to how I should further my studies we have had before, I still can’t help thinking about pursuing my all-time passion – acting.

Informal Letter 範文 部份二

  1.   標題句
I’m sure you know better than anyone that my love for acting has been growing over the years and there is nothing that motivates me quite the way acting does. 
  1.   詳細解釋
From the drama club at school to the teenage acting classes at HKAPA, I have devoted a significant portion of my time on honing my acting skills. If anything, it would be the study of other academic subjects that deprives me of the precious time to enhance my acting skills and transform myself into an all-round actor. Acting has long been an integral and indispensable part of my life that I can’t possibly live without, which is why I would wholeheartedly want to follow my ambition and dream, however difficult the path would be. To be honest, there are few things as satisfying as achieving a sense of accomplishment from dedicating myself entirely to acting, say when I finally managed to interpret not only the outer emotions but also the inner conflicts of a character who faces a dilemma changing his life. 
  1. 總結句
That’s why I have determined to enroll in the HKAPA instead of furthering my studies at one of the universities in Hong Kong.

Informal Letter 範文 部份三

  1.   標題句
One of the biggest concerns you two have is the career prospects of an actor in terms of job security, income and opportunities. 
  1.   詳細解釋
From a practical point of view, I fully understand the need to take into consideration the many aspects of my career other than my passion for acting. Planning for my future, I did some research and found out that it might not be as unpromising as you think. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong has transformed from solely being a financial centre to a society that attaches importance to arts and culture. So the government is more determined than ever to allocate more resources into reviving the cultural industry by constructing the West Kowloon Cultural district. Coupled with the fact that more TV licences will be issued in the near future, there is little doubt that high quality actors would be highly sought after. After studying at the HKAPA, I can first become an actor of plays before joining a local television station and becoming a prominent actor of soap operas. 
  1. 總結句
Choosing HKAPA will essentially open up all sorts of possibilities for me to study acting and pursue my lifelong passion.

Informal Letter 範文 部份四

  1.   相反觀點
To live up to your expectation, I would have to study one of those professional subjects like accounting, law and medicine. You may say that these programmes would pave the way for a promising and lucrative future. 
  1.   反駁
However, doing so will mean that I will never be spiritually fulfilled. It’s my belief that choosing a university programme I am not enthusiastic about will sap my motivation to succeed. Even though being an actor could mean financial instability at the early stages of my career, I’m convinced that all the ups and downs I would experience along the way would define and shape who I really am. When I am doing what I really enjoy, it seems like I am more motivated than anyone else in the world and failures will only be intriguing challenges in the beautiful journey of pursuing my dream. I will watch numerous videos to discover my flaws in acting; I will participate in countless training sessions and rehearsal in order to perfect my acting skills; I will learn from my idols so as to become as brilliant as one of them. 
  1. 總結句
This is the power of dreams and serves as the locomotive for constantly improving myself.

Informal Letter 範文 部份五

  1. 結束信件
To be an actor is my lifelong passion and dream. More than that, it has become the meaning of my life, so I would do everything possible to achieve it. 
  1. 勸勉對方
I hope you all will understand my crave for acting. After all, I need the support from all of you to make the ultimate decision. Stay safe in Japan and I look forward to your reply.

Informal Letter 範文 下款

Best wishes,


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