February 22, 2022

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2012 DSE English paper 4 【詳細說明】

2012 DSE English paper 4 DSE English paper 4除咗要考臨場發揮之外,其實我地都要懂得分析題目。以此增加自己分數以及穩定自己的表現。以下精選咗 2012 DSE English paper 4 嘅question。大家可以參場一下! Topic: Workplace and Social An intern in Hong Kong Talk about: how an unpaid internship could be beneficial what the challenges would be of being a summer intern what characteristics a good intern should have anything else you think is important Notes: – What was your internship like? Attended a one-week training course to learn about accounting techniques. Assist some of the permanent staff. – What did you do during the internship? Followed company staff on visits to clients’ offices, prepared financial balances, and statements. – What were the major challenges? Assisting colleagues in the preparation of accounting documents can be complicated. – What have you learned about your chosen career?


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