Primary 2 English Exercise 懶人包!

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Primary 2 English Exercise

比較型Adj.是小學grammar的必學點。即是把形容詞+er +est等等


所以下面就要帶給大家30題小學 English Exercise希望可以幫助同學鞏固知識!

Primary 2 English

30大題: Q1-10

1. A ballet dancer is (elegant) an actress on stage.
2. It is sometimes (i) _______________________ (nice) to travel alone than travel with friends.
There is (ii) _____(much) flexibility in the first choice.
3. He makes (i) _______________________(few) mistakes than you do, so obviously he is much
(ii)_____ (meticulous) you.
4. A president is (i) (powerful) man of a country, but he may not be
(ii) (intelligent ).
5. Today the humidity is 40%, but it was 75% yesterday. Today is _____(dry).
6. Adrian feels (i)_____ (exhausted) today than yesterday because he has been doing a lot since he woke up. He is expecting to be (ii) (efficient) today than yesterday.
7. She thinks that steamed rice rolls are _________________________ (authentic) food she has
ever eaten in Hong Kong.
8. You looked depressed and frustrated last week, but now you seem a lot (i) ______
(cheerful) before. Being (ii) _____________________________ (frustrated) helps you achieve
9. Tim has ______________________ (little) chance of winning the first prize.
10. Tracy was getting more and (i) __________(anxious) as the test was approaching. She was (ii) (worried) her friends.

30大題: Q11-20

  1. Suspension of school is a___________ (harsh) form of punishment than detention class.
  2. German writer Thomas Mann was ___________(renowned) in Germany and other parts of Europe than Asian countries. His books sold better in Europe.
  3. Anna is (i) ___________(graceful) dancer in the team. She has been

(ii) ___________(good) at dancing since she was about two years old.

  1. The police have caught two suspects, but the evidence of one of them is

___________(doubtful) that of the other. The police don’t know which they should trust.

  1. Sausages may be (i) ____________ ___________ (delicious), but they are not as

(ii) (nutritious) as cheese .

  1. Teaching grammar to a senior-form student should be a _______________________ (simple)

task than to a child.

  1. Products made in Thailand are said to be of a________________________ (bad) quality than

those made in Europe.

  1. Committing suicide is indeed a ______________________________ (silly) thing to do.
  2. It is strange that the nurse looks (i)____________ (nervous) the doctor in the operating theatre. She is probably (ii) ______________________________ (new).
  3. Learning to dive is (i)___________(intimidating) learning to swim, and the techniques of diving are also (ii) _______________________ (complex).

30大題: Q21-30

  1. Among these four magicians, Lionel’s tricks are (little) obvious. I can’t really see through them.
  2. Horace’s spelling is not as _______________________(good) as his classmates’.
  3. Healthy and happiness are ______________________ (important) money in our lives.
  4. In the last decades, cancer has been (fatal) disease around the world.
  5. We call Donovan __________________________ (sad) man on earth because he cries almost

every day.

  1. Watching a comedy is (i) (fun), but the message of a tragedy is usually (ii) (meaningful) the message of a comedy.
  2. To most Hongkongers, English and French are_______________________________ (popular)

European languages when they are compared with Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, and Latin.

  1. Fitness instructors are of the opinion that swimming is a much (i) (good) form of exercise than other sports because it exercises the whole body. However, swimming itself could be (ii) ______________(dangerous) in certain situations, for example, no lifeguards being around.
  2. Of everyone’s home in class lC, Eva’s is _______________________ (far) from Kowloon Park.
  3. Frederic is (i) _______________________(hopeless) at geography. He never passes any exam

or test in this subject. He hopes that his grades will be (ii) ______________________ (high) next year.

Primary 2 English
Exercise 答案

30大題: Q1-10

1. more elegant than
2. (i) nicer
3. (i) fewer
4. (i) the most powerful
5. dryer/ drier
6. (i) more exhausted
(ii) less efficient
(ii) more
(ii) more meticulous than
(ii) the most intelligent
(according to the meaning of the sentence, he should be ‘less’ instead of ‘more’ efficient)
7. the most authentic
8. (i) more cheerful than
(ii) less frustrated (according to the meaning of the sentence, it should be ‘less’ instead of ‘more’)
9. little (Tim is not being compared with other people in the sentence)
10. (i) more anxious (ii) more worried than

30大題: Q11-20

11. harsher
12. more renowned
13. (i) the most graceful
14. more doubtful than
15. (i) delicious
16. simpler/ more simple
17. worse
(ii) good
(ii) nutritious
18. silly (nothing is being compared with ‘committing suicide’)
19. (i) more nervous than (ii) new
20. (i) more intimidating than (ii) more complex

30大題: Q21-30

21. the least
22. good
23. more important than
24. the most fatal
25. the saddest
26. (i) fun
27. the most popular
28. (i) better
(ii) dangerous
29. the farthest/ the furthest
30. (i) hopeless
(ii) more meaningful than
(ii) higher

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