DSE 2017 English Paper 3答案 【5**真跡】

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DSE 2017 english paper 3答案

Part B

You are Gehry Zhang and you work for a property developer called Dragon Peak Properties (DPP). Your boss is Norman Kwok, a publicity and marketing manager. DPP is currently working on two projects: the Jade Islands, which have recently been completed and the Golden Flower Island development, which is in the planning process.

您是 Gehry Zhang,為一家名為 Dragon Peak Properties (DPP) 的房地產開發商工作。你的老闆是郭德綱,一位宣傳和營銷經理。 DPP目前正在開展兩個項目:最近完成的翡翠島和正在規劃中的金花島開發。

那麼這一次就看看5**狀元當年Task 8 同 Task 9


你可以視今次的5**真跡為 2017 DSE 卷三的題目 答案

DSE 2017 english paper 3答案 (Task 8)


Task 8: Summary for meeting (22 marks)

Write a summary of the opinions on the initial concept plan for the Golden Flower Adventure Mall using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. Write around 220 words.

2017 英文卷三 5** 答案


Golden Flower Adventure Mall initial plan is acknowledged by our colleagues. After consideration by them, some features from the initial plan will be kept with further development while some will not.


To begin with, there are several features that will be kept. They include a lake, a 40 metre waterfall, as well as shops and restaurants on the sailing ship. Castle, however, will not be kept in a bid to match our jungle theme as there are no castles in a jungle.


With an eye to further developing the above features, there are various plans. The first one is that the waterfall will be reduced from 40 metre to 30 metre to prevent clouds from forming from the level. The reason behind is that clouds formed in Highland Adventure Centre in the United Kingdom, interfering electricity supply and causing power failure. The similar incident which caused closure of the centre for six months and incurred large cost will be prevented. Moreover, visitors are also allowed to climb on the sides of the waterfall, from the bottom to the top.


Apart from the waterfall, the lake is proposed to be an aquarium and a swimming is also included in the mall design next to the aquarium. With a view to maximizing the potential activities within the central area at the mall and keeping with the overall jungle adventure theme, ziplines will also be over the swimming pool and people can travel on them across the swimming pool.


In addition, the swimming pool is recommended right next to the aquarium at the lake with thick glass walls separating them so that swimmers can swim next to the sea animals in the aquarium. To further maximize the excitement, the swimming pool is also under the waterfall so that swimmers can try to be hit by the falling water. It is expected to attract visitors.


In order to protect the animals outside a giant wall at vegetation is also suggested to be put outside the shopping mall to reduce noise and light pollution from it.


All in all, the above are the opinions of our colleagues concerning the initial concept plan and it is hoped that the development of the features can provide a better shopping experience for the customers.

2017 dse english paper 3答案 (Task 9)


Task 9: Overview for DPP’s website (18 marks)

Write an overview of what DPP has done in Hong Kong to protect the environment using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. Write around 150 words.

2017 英文卷三 5** 答案

Dragon Peak’s Commitment to the Environment in Hong Kong


Dragon Peak Properties (DPP) is a property developer, to many Hongkongers; however, it does not limit its field only on property development. Do you know that DPP is also committed to protecting the environment and is an environmentally friendly company?


DPP has done many things to protect the environment in Hong Kong. From 2000 to 2015, our company’s spending on Green Construction methods has been increasing ever since. We have spent more than 5 billion HKD on the green construction methods, which is the largest amount ever spent among the biggest developers in Hong Kong. more importantly, we are very honoured to receive the Greenest Development Award 2016 in the HKSAR for the first prize – Forest of Dreams Estate. The award was released by Tai Shing Conservation Institute earlier this month.


Apart from spending on green constructs, we also strive to protect the orchids and the butterflies on the Golden Flower Island. The Golden Dragon Tail Butterfly is a precious species in the South China that pollinates the extremely rare Splash of Gold Orchid. This rare and beautiful orchid is only available on the Golden Flower Island. After successfully obtaining the chance of developing in the Golden Flower Island, we understand to a great deal that it is incumbent for us to protect those precious specious. Although only half of the island is restricted by the HKSAR Government for development, we shifted the percentage to maintaining 70% of the island as a protected area. You may think that is all we have done for those species, but that is not the end. We, also chose to construction a wall of vegetations with trees and other plants between the shopping mall and the nature so to keep out the light and noise pollution and consequently, the butterflies will not be disturbed. Having no vehicles and roads such as buses and trains, we provide a green environment for the butterflies and not to disturb them.


We are Dragon Peak Properties and we spare no efforts to protect the environment. We hope to reassure you that we are an environmentally friendly company and to change the misconception that property developers are only concerned about making money.

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