February 12, 2022

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DSE 2017 English Paper 3答案 【5**真跡】

DSE 2017 english paper 3答案 Part BSituation You are Gehry Zhang and you work for a property developer called Dragon Peak Properties (DPP). Your boss is Norman Kwok, a publicity and marketing manager. DPP is currently working on two projects: the Jade Islands, which have recently been completed and the Golden Flower Island development, which is in the planning process. 您是 Gehry Zhang,為一家名為 Dragon Peak Properties (DPP) 的房地產開發商工作。你的老闆是郭德綱,一位宣傳和營銷經理。 DPP目前正在開展兩個項目:最近完成的翡翠島和正在規劃中的金花島開發。 那麼這一次就看看5**狀元當年Task 8 同 Task 9 到底寫了什麼? 你可以視今次的5**真跡為 2017 DSE 卷三的題目 答案 DSE 2017 english paper 3答案 (Task 8) 題目 Task 8: Summary for meeting (22 marks) Write a summary of the opinions on the initial concept plan for the Golden Flower Adventure Mall using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. Write around 220


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