DSE Eng Paper 3 必學技巧【Part A & B齊全】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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DSE Eng Paper 3 – Listening 攻略

DSE Eng Paper 3 由兩部分組成

Part A:listening

Part B:Integrated Task

DSE Eng Paper 3 Part A 超必聆聽答案技巧

HKDSE English paper 3 Part A Listening 答案 基本上都符合以下的步驟

DSE Eng Paper 3

Step 1. 提示語

Re-Key 打動問

  • Repeat 重覆字眼
  • Keywords (題目名詞)
  • 打燈字
  • 動詞 = remember/ Don’t forget to..
  • 問題: What is it?


Features and functions of a school bag 

  1. _______________________________________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________________________________

A: When choosing a school bag, there are 2 crucial features.

B:What are they?

A: First, it is a waist strap.


A: A waist strap. It is a strap that you wear around your waist. 

B: I see. A waist strap. 

A: It can evenly distribute the weight of the school bag. 

B: Let me make note of that. It can evenly distribute the weight of the school bag.

A: The second feature is a padded back, which can protect our spine.

B: What back?

A: Padded back. P A D D E D 

A: you said a padded back can protect our spine? 

B: Yes 

A: It can protect our spine!


What should young people consider when deciding on having kids? 



A: The birth rate of HK has been declining dramatically. This is because young couples should think about many things before having children. One of the considerations is time (ANS). Young people may not have time to look after their children because they may have to work long hours. 

B: That’s right. Time is a big problem for them. They’re also concerned about their freedom (ANS). Why’s freedom crucial to them? Because they want to lead their romantic lives. They think once they have children, they’ll lose all their freedom and their lives will no longer be romantic. 


What should be considered when choosing an English teacher? 


A: I want to find a good English teacher. Can you give me some suggestions? 


B: Absolutely! When we choose a private tutor for ourselves, we should consider 3 factors. The first thing is the academic qualifications. Of course, academic qualifications are essential.  The teacher needs to excel in that designated subject so that he can explain the concept clearly. 


A: Yes, being able to explain the concepts in a clear way for a student. 


B: Another factor is the teaching style. 


A: What do you mean? Can you explain a little bit? 


B: It means how your teachers deliver the knowledge. He should try his best to cater to students’ needs. 


What items should students bring on a hike? 




A: I am preparing for some items on the hike. Will you write them down? 


B: Remember to bring a map and a watch. 


A: I think I should bring a phone as well? 


B: Sure, a mobile phone is required.  But a compass is also helpful in case of an emergency. 


A: And wait! Bring a first aid kit! In case of injury, you may need to use the kit. 


  • How about..?
  • What is..?
  • Who is..?

List the name of the activity: 



  1. Can you suggest a name for the activity? 
  2. Um, How about “Global Warming Awareness Day”? 

A: Oh that’s good!

Step 2:答案


Step 3:廢話


英文卷三 Part A Note-taking skill

DSE Eng Paper 3

Part A在聆聽錄音時,note-taking 十分重要。Section A 會有好多長題目,note-taking 得夠詳盡,對你填寫答案更有幫助。

每天聆聽英文能夠令同學對英文更敏感,減少「聽唔明」的機會和出現。建議同學每天聆聽10分鐘英文,(可以多看Netflix, BBC English, TedTalk 等不同的渠道。

先不要開字幕聆聽 不斷不斷重複直至你真的不能寫出片中所說的sentence. 當然Spencer 既堂上也不時訓練學生既note-taking skills,比學生即學即試技巧。

如果大家想練習note-taking技巧,可以多做 DSE Listening Task 4 以及UE Section A的題目

卷三 Part B 做卷流程

以下係DSE Eng Paper 3 Time (時間) 嘅分佈並附上每一個step要做啲咩!

1. Instruction: 身份 / 背景/公司 / Boss 10秒

2. Listening Notetaking Page 10秒

3. 指引頁 (大婆) 1.5 分鐘

1. 黃綠螢光筆

黃色: 間Content Points  

綠色: 間格式/過3關 (BOATS) = background/other emotion/aim/target/self emotion

2. 分豬肉

分段: A. 睇連接詞 (and/also/next/Don’t forget)

          B. each issue/problem 🡪 門對門  

(1段1個each issue) 

         C. 自己分 – 用名詞分段 (details/benefits)

4. 搵小指引頁  1分鐘

*當大婆 無清晰的指示 (分不到豬肉)

例: Write an article to introduce Disneyland 

5. 指引頁 3分鐘

  • Same Keywords  (對返 指引頁與文中的keywords = 名詞/特別時地人)

  • Answer Connectives (答案連接詞)

  • Repeat 重覆的名詞 (例: 介紹current cinema -Netflix 2019 DSE) 

  • Symbol 符號 (破折號/冒號/分號)

6. 小時限 (時間如下)

  • 一次過搵3 Tasks  (8-10 分鐘)

  • 每1個Task 整1個小時限  (15分鐘, 最後1個20分鐘)

  • 最後黃金10分鐘 –  Proofread 


7. Proofreading 清單 最後5分鐘

  • Grammar (集中睇動詞) 

  • 加句式 [I. Formal句式 (albeit/with a view to..) II. 入戲句 (article/speech – You may wonder)

  • 主題句寫好?   [Formal – With regard to + 名詞] / [informal – You may wonder + 名詞] 

  • 上下款 (連名校生都寫錯)   Yours faithfully 🡪 Sir/Madam / Yours sincerely 🡪 Mr Lee 

卷三 Part B 搵points 技巧

萬能搵 points skills

  • 圖表就有真相 (symbols) 
  • 連接詞就有分搶  (answer connectives)
  • point符號左右下上  (symbols) 
  • 重覆名詞*

卷三 Part B 搶分技巧

特定技巧 1: formal vs informal

當見到Data File: WhatsApp/skype 

  • Words (轉字 – 轉formal 表)
  • Incomplete 不完整的要變返完整
  • Simile (不要比喻)
  • Extreme (不要極端) -must/all the time..

informal 轉 formal 表



A bit

Slightly, marginally

To a small extent

A lot

Lots / tons / loads

Lots and lots

A great/good deal

Substantially, considerably

A large number of

All the time

The whole

Continuously, constantly

Almost / nearly

More or less / just about / pretty much / practically




At all times / Permanently / For all time



Become smaller

Decline, diminish, dwindle

Become worse



Prior to

e.g. All the arrangements should be completed prior to your departure



e.g. Your first evaluation will be six months after you commence employment.

特定技巧 2: 數據分析

DSE Sample Paper Paper 3 Task 9 (DF6)

Instructions: ‘emphasize how successful ‘Flatmates’ has been’

DSE 英文

The advertising revenue of ‘Flatmate’ increased from over HK$400,000 in January to around HK$800,000 in March. The advertising revenue of ‘Flatmates’ was generally higher than that of other programs in the same time slot.

DSE 英文

at the beginning of January

at the end of March

(3) higher that those of …

DSE 2017 Task 9 數據分析 5** 範例

DSE Eng Paper 3

DPP has done many things to protect the environment in Hong Kong. From 2000 to 2015, our company’s spending on Green Construction methods has been increasing ever since. We have spent more than 5 billion HKD on the green construction methods, which is the largest amount ever spent among the biggest developers in Hong Kong. more importantly, we are very honoured to receive the Greenest Development Award 2016 in the HKSAR for the first prize – Forest of Dreams Estate. The award was released by Tai Shing Conservation Institute earlier this month.

特定技巧 3: 歸納法

幾時用到? – 指引頁 – 提問字眼: 

Brief / Summarize / generalize 



  • The incident first occurred in…

  • Subsequently, 句子

  • On top of that, 句子

  • Surprisingly, 句子

  • 時地人 六何法 / 起因 經過 結果

  • 刪 Extra adjective/例子

  • 抽時間順序   (參考: 2019 DSE T8-9) 



  • 搵 共同點

  • 刪Extra adjective/例子

  • 抽名詞  (自己作1個名詞 歸納主題) 

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