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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



  • 六大範疇全方位提升學生的英文水平
  • 自備過千頁獨家精讀筆記
  • 教授獨門考試技巧口訣

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DSE Eng Paper 2 Sample (2019)

2019 卷二 Part A 題目 原文

The Yearbook Committee is putting together a book for all graduating students. The yearbook is a collection of photos and comments about school life, written and submitted by students. When read several years later, the yearbook will remind students of their time at secondary school.

You are a student in Class 6C at Kowloon Secondary School. The committee has asked you to complete the following yearbook entry.

1.1 Academic Life

Write about one subject that you enjoyed studying or found challenging.

1.2 Student Life

Write about what you will miss most about being a student in Class 6C.

Report on Brighthouse Cinema in Sha Tak for the Screening of “The Electronic Durian”

2019 卷二 Part A 題目 翻譯

你是九龍中學 6C 班的學生。委員會已要求您完成以下年刊條目。
1.1 學術生活 寫一門你喜歡學習或發現具有挑戰性的學科。
1.2 學生生活 寫下作為 6C 班學生最想念的事情。

2019 英文卷三 5** 答案




1.1 Academic Life

  1. 標題句

To me, English has always been the subject that I am most fond of.

  1. 描寫英文吸引之處

One thing about the language that never ceases to surprise me is the astonishing co-existence of complexity and simplicity, which is also why I enjoyed immersing myself in the wondrous world of English so much. With English, you can convey intricate messages with simple and direct language, just as you can infuse your ideas witha graceful touch of sophistication and fancy wordings. English is also more than just a language; it tells the faces of a vast collection of different cultures across the world, and by listening to someone speaking, you can tell from the accent which region one belongs to and what cultural background one bears. Undoubtedly, learning English in school could get slightly tedious with all the suffocating piles of schoolwork and exam practices stacking up on my desk, but exploring the English subject is never confined to a mere classroom, or an examination.

  1. 期望作結

I believe I will continue to explore the wonders of this language, international, common yet no less splendid, in my university studies.

1.2 Student Life

  1. 標題句

The fraternity among 6C classmates is certainly what I will miss the most.

  1. 描寫團結氣氛

Surrounded by the stifling ocean of textbooks and endless exercises, my classmates never forgot to cheer on each other and lend each other their helping hands whenever needed. Although to a certain extent, we were all contenders in this cut-throat academic race, despite all the stress and all the ups and downs, we all pushed together as one and maintained our friendship as we went down this treacherous and difficult path of academic pursuit hand in hand. As a member of 6C, you never feel like a marginalized outcast. Instead, there are always warm smiles, soothing embraces and heartwarming pep talks which encourage you to stand up and fight for another day.

  1. 期望作結

Going our separate ways is inevitable at some point. However, I wish the beautiful memory of being a member of this wonderful class would be engraved in my heart as a piece of incandescent reminiscence



Marker 1

Marker 2










Total Score

42/42 (5**)

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