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【Group discussion 技巧】由開頭到發言再到轉topic!【手把手教你】

DSE English Paper 4可以好難,尤其group discussion! 對於缺乏 group discussion技巧 的同學,English paper 4 會是一大難關! 所以,這篇文章,我們會提供容易上手的 group discussion技巧  如果你想在短時間內提升DSE speaking 一個grade, 切記睇到最尾! Group Discussion有效運用準備時間   所需時間 注意事項 1  1分鐘 小心理解題目要求 了解題目的前文後理和討論議題的順序 2 2分鐘 閱讀文章 思考怎樣在討論中運用文章論點,在重點寫筆記 3 5分鐘 就每一個分題,想出兩至三個論點 思考每一個論點的原因、例子和假設推論 思考如何反駁相反觀點 4 2分鐘 在心中排練一次討論 思考讀音和文法 DSE English Paper 4:Group discussion開頭 1.開場白 Let’s get started. 2.解釋討論目的 We’re going to prepare a handbook of advice for parents on how to bring up their children. Today, we’re here to discuss what to include in the handbook. 3.背景介紹 As we all know, many parents and children ignore family relationships and parents spend little time talking to their children. A lot of family problems may arise. Well, there are a lot of family problems we can include in the handbook. Let’s discuss them first. 4.表達觀點 Personally, I think that nowadays, many parents have to work long hours, for example, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. As a result, they overlook their children. Therefore, we need to point out that the lack of communication will cause a lot of family problems. 5.問其他考生意見 What do you think? DSE speaking技巧:回應原則 1.簡單回應 You are right. 2.歸納對方觀點 The lack of communication is common in Hong Kong and this leads to a lack of mutual understanding or even conflicts between family members. 3.表達觀點 However, I think that the quality of communication is more important than quantity. Even if they have opportunities to communicate with their children, they don’t know how to do it effectively. It is no use spending hours questioning their children on their exam results or things they don’t want to talk about. Parents should learn to share the children’s feelings and other interesting topics. 4.問其他考生意見 Do you agree? DSE Speaking Group discussion 技巧 發言5大方向 1.        回應對方觀點 2.        明確提出觀點和提議 3.        解釋原因和好處 4.        運用日常生活的例子 5.        提出假設推論,分析影響 口試 試題範例 (2001 CE Paper 4 Set 12.1) Your group wants to organize a karaoke evening for your school. You are now planning the event. You may want to talk about: when and where the event should take place what sort of music should be used how to attract teachers and students to come how to get the money to organize this event anything else you think is important 發言5大方向 A: I suggest going to karaoke lounges (提議) like Neway (例子) because there is good and advanced audio equipment. (原因) B: Yes, that’s a great point (回應) and we can sing many new songs there. (原因) C: I agree that the audio system is good and new songs are available there (回應), but I think that karaoke lounges are not large enough for us to hold this event. (論點). I think the school hall may be a better choice for this event. (新提議). The PA system is not bad in the hall, right? (原因) A: Shall we invite some pop singers (提議) like Leo Ku or Kay Tse (例子) to come because they are very popular in Hong Kong? (原因) I believe that if they come to join us, many teachers and students will come to our karaoke


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