2019 DSE English Paper 3題目 原來要咁答?

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2019 dse english paper 3題目

究竟要點答? (比你想像更詳細!)




Part B


You are Nico Lin. You are the Secretary for the Inter-School Visual Media Society. You assist Mr Ringo Chow, your school’s Audio-Visual teacher and the Vice-Chair of the Inter-School Visual Media Society. The society is currently organising its annual Visual Media Festival, which will take place in June. Mr Ringo Chow has asked you to do some tasks.

你是Nico Lin (考評局真係好鍾意Nico Lin)。你是校際視覺媒體協會的秘書。您協助您學校的視聽老師兼校際視覺媒體協會副主席 Ringo Chow 先生。該協會目前正在組織其一年一度的視覺媒體節,該節將於 6 月舉行。 Ringo Chow 先生讓你做一些任務。

那麼這一次就看看5**狀元當年Task 8 同 Task 9


你可以視今次的5**真跡為 2019 DSE 卷三的題目 答案

2019 dse english paper 3題目 (Task 8)

Task 8: Report on Brighthouse Cinema 

(18 marks)

Write the report on Brighthouse Cinema using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. Write around 180 words.

2019 英文卷三 5** 答案

Report on Brighthouse Cinema in Sha Tak for the Screening of “The Electronic Durian”


The purpose of this report is to illustrate the reason why Brighthouse Cinema is an unsuitable venue for the screening of “The Electronic Durian” on 19e June (Wednesday). 【目的】  The details regarding facilities and hygienic concerns of the venue are discussed as follows. 【引出下文】  

Our requirements

The facilities of Brighthouse Cinema fail to meet our requirements in certain aspects. One of the major concerns is the unavailability of ramps for wheelchairs. Ms Isabel Luna, our director who mobilizes in a wheelchair due to a skateboard accident, needs access onto the stage for a post-screening discussion. Brighthouse Cinema,however, is not equipped with wheelchair access onto the stage, creating inconvenience for our guests.

Apart from wheelchair access, we plan to offer noodles to the audience to eat during screening for the full experience. The fact that Brighthouse Cinema does not allow outside food diminishes the key fun element of the screening. 

Availability of staff

According to our plan, at least ten ushers are required to distribute 3D headsets to the audience before the screening. Nonetheless, only four ushers could be provided by the cinema. This further proves that Brighthouse Cinema is undesirable fore.

Hygienic & Safety concern

It is revealed that Brighthouse Cinema failed the governed hygiene inspection in 2016, and it remained unlicensed for one year. According to Cross-department Regulations for Cinema issued by the government, it is clearly stated that cinemas should be cleaned once a day while the emergency exit signs should be in both English and Chinese. Yet, Brighthouse Cinema is cleaned only once every two days, whereas their emergency exit signs are in English only.


It is manifest that Brighthouse Cinema is unsuitable and undesirable for our screening given that it fails to meet our requirements while the cleanliness of the cinema is doubtful. 【總結】  In order to provide our audience with the best screening experience, reselecting another venue is preferred. 【結論/ DF要求】

2019 dse english paper 3題目 (Task 9)

Task 9: Text for programme (17 marks)

Write a short text for “The Electronic Durian’ for the page of the Visual Media Festival programme below using information from the B2 Data File. Write around 120 words.

2019 dse english paper 3題目

2019 英文卷三 5** 答案


As a movie fanatic, 【形容讀者】one must never miss【Promotional】this newly released sci-fi film directed by Ms Isabel Luna — “The Electronic Durian”. Before entering the cinema to enjoy her masterpiece, come explore the theme and the plots of  the movie first! 【Promotional + 引出下文】 


Have you ever questioned the realness of reality? 【互動】The main theme of “The Electronic Durian” is about the difference between the ideal world created by corporations and the real world.


Setting in 2030, an uncertain future, the film begins as our protagonist, Sammi, starts working in a corporation. Behind the mysterious veil, the corporation actually tricks employees into wearing special contact lenses, which let them enter an ideal virtual world created by the company itself without knowing! Fortunately, Sammi is able to remove her lenses and see the real world. The story definitely won’t end in such a simple way as troubles arise for Sammi after removing the lenses. Want to see how it goes? Go find it yourself at the cinema! 【Promotional】  


According to director Ms Isabel Luna, one of the stand-out scenes in the movie is unquestionably the ‘hilarious metal noodles scene’. The audience will all burst into laughter after watching that scene, and it is for sure that you won’t be able to look at noodles the same way! Definitely not a scene you want to miss, right? 【Promotional】


In short, ‘The Electronic Durian’ amazes you with its futuristic theme and fascinating plots. 【總結】Grab your tickets and enjoy the masterpiece with your friends! 【Promotional】We look forward to your reviews after watching the film. Stay tuned for our latest updates! 【語境】   

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