2012 DSE English Paper 2題目 【答案】!?

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2012 DSE English Paper 2題目 答案



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2012 DSE English paper 2題目


You are a famous news reporter for Hong Kong News.

Your old secondary school has asked you to write a feature article about yourself for the next edition of the school magazine.

Use the following three headings to write the article. Add one heading of your own.

  • The best part of my job
  • The biggest challenge I have ever faced in my job
  • My school days
  • Another heading

你是香港新聞的著名新聞記者。 你的舊中學要求你為下一期的校刊寫一篇關於你自己的專題文章。





2012 DSE English paper 2題目 正文

The best part of my job

Many students might think that the best part of being a reporter is that they can interview public figures and celebrities, say Andy Lau, Eason Chan or whoever you like, However, this is not what I think. In fact, when it comes to the most rewarding part of my job, probably the first springing to my mind is that I hold the responsibility to reveal the truth to the general public. I report different affairs happening every day in our society, including political and business news, thus giving a more comprehensive view of our city to citizens. This sense of accomplishment has driven me to pursue perfection relentlessly in my reporting career.

The biggest challenge I have ever faced in my job

When asked about the biggest challenge ever faced by other reporters, most of them will be unanimous in their answer – deadlines of articles. While it is beyond doubt that meeting tight deadlines is indeed the most terrifying task for a reporter, my experience is a little bit different. The biggest challenge I have ever confronted, in fact, was the accusation from the public that I fabricated information in one of my articles, which was concerned with the extra-marital affairs of a celebrity in Hong Kong. Exceedingly stressed by public pressure and condemnation at that time, I fell victim to depression. Fortunately, my family and colleagues showered me with support and public misunderstanding was eventually rectified.

My School Days

When speaking of my school days, there is a lot to say. But like anyone of you, I was just an ordinary boy who liked playing basketball with classmates, and, playing tricks on teachers as well! It was a shame to say but, my academic results were not satisfactory at all; or rather, terrible. After all, who would like to study in their adolescence with other entertainment so readily available? Nevertheless, this was my wrong thought. It was fortunate that I discovered the significance of studying and started to work assiduously, along with the assistance from my respectable teachers. Finally, I came through the HKCEE and the HKALE in flying colours and graduated from the School of Journalismof the Chinese University. That is why I can become a reporter now.

My dream

In fact, I am very pleased to tell you that I have my dream come true already. Yes, that is right – to become a reporter. It may sound ludicrous that while others’ dream is to become some kinds of CEO who make a hefty sum of money or a lion-hearted firefighter who save lives, mine is to become a small reporter doing dreary and monotonous clerical work day after day. But I can tell you: there is no shame to pursue your own dream. However trivial or mediocre your dream may seem in others’ eyes, you should strive and fight for your chosen path of life. No matter how many times you fail, stand up and keep endeavouring. Someday, you can prove how “BIG” your dream is!

2012 DSE English Paper 2題目 答案


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