2013 DSE English Paper 2題目 【答案】!?

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2013 DSE English Paper 2題目 答案



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2013 DSE English paper 2題目


For question 1, write about 100 words for each photo.

You are taking part in a photo exhibition called ‘My Memories’. As part of the photo exhibition, you have presented two photos. Now, you need to give a title to each and a brief explanation of why these photos are meaningful to you.

對於問題 1,每張照片寫大約 100 個字。 您正在參加一個名為“我的回憶”的攝影展。作為攝影展的一部分,您展示了兩張照片。現在,您需要為每張照片命名,並簡要說明這些照片對您有意義的原因。

2013 DSE English paper 2題目 正文

A Child’s Dream

Back in the days of my primary school years, my teachers installed a blackboard – instead of the shiny whiteboards in many schools nowadays – in our classrooms. The blackboard had been a significant part of my childhood: on it I recited class materials, expressed my opinion and drew pictures to decorate the classroom. The homely murkiness of that wooden plank captured all my aspirations and imagination as a young child. Thus, I stopped to take this photo one day when I visited a school in a backward village in China. Completely immersed in her task, the little girl did not notice me. To me, the blackboard was her tabula rasa – an untouched realm full of potential. It was as if I was watching her mapping out her future with the white chalk. This photo may appear ordinary, but it represents a child’s untapped potential – the potential to learn, to prosper and to dream big.

Joining Hands

2013 dse english paper 2題目
Our civilization is built by the collective efforts of people. This kind of interdependence and connection is figuratively presented in this photo. I cherish the idea of cooperation. Thus, this photo has become particularly meaningful to me as it demonstrates just that. This photo was taken during one of my visits to a team-building campdesigned for companies which wish to strengthen the relationships between their employees. As I took the photo from down below, the team of co-workers put their hands together, synchronously shouting “Yes!” with beaming smiles. Overwhelmed by that surge of positivity and morale of cooperation, I took this photo, which has since become a reminder of the importance of teamwork. Despite our personal ambitions and aspirations, it is important for us to learn to work with others and pursue a goal that benefits all together.

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