2021 DSE English Paper 3答案 【獨家真跡】

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2021 DSE English Paper 3答案




Part B


You are Nico Lin. You work for Events Horizon, a company which organises large public events. You are part of a committee responsible for organising the Victoria Cup, a professional women’s tennis tournament.

In order to promote the Victoria Cup to the public, the head of the Victoria Cup project team, Anthony Au, is keen to ensure that the tournament is a success.

你是Nico Lin (考評局真係好鍾意Nico Lin,成日用黎個名)。您在 Events Horizo​​n 工作,這是一家組織大型公共活動的公司。您是負責組織職業女子網球錦標賽維多利亞杯的委員會的一員。 為向公眾宣傳維多利亞杯,維多利亞杯項目組負責人歐陽輝熱心確保賽事取得圓滿成功。

那麼這一次就看看5**狀元當年Task 8 同 Task 9


你可以視今次的5**真跡為 2021 DSE 卷三的題目 答案

而且今次Task 9有一個幾特別的點,是同學經常想問的問題!

2021 dse english paper 3答案

2021 dse english paper 3答案 (Task 8)


Task 8: Email to charity about Volunteer Ball Kids (16 marks)

Write an email to Refugee Sanctuary using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. Write around 120 words.

2021 英文卷三 5** 答案

To: Gillen Bayo

Subject: Result of Application to provide Ball Kids

Dear Mr Bayo,


We deeply regret to inform you that not chosen Refugee Sanctuary to provide volunteer ball kids for the Victoria Cup Please understand that you were not chosen due to a Job requirement implemented for safety reasons but not due to your organization’s lack of merits In fact, we would be willing to contribute to your noble mission of helping refugee kids.


One major reason why you were not chosen is that your children are younger than our age requirement. Having pondered on the safety issues anal probable PR ramifications, and seeing that the hall kids are responsible for retrieving tennis balls when they are out of play; we have set a minimum age requirement at 11 years old to prevent injury. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety of all participants, and as all your children are under the age of 11, we are sadly unable to choose your organization.


Another equally important reason is that, unfortunately, your children do not meet our language requirements. As ball kids need to supply players with a towel and refreshments when players are out of play, we are afraid that we must insist on requiring all-volunteer to speak both English and Cantonese. It appears that some of your children speak English but very few speak Cantonese, so to avoid misunderstandings, we have no other choice but to decline your applications


In compensation and to express our apologies for being unable to offer your children this volunteering opportunity, we would like to offer your charity so complimentary tickets for the Victoria Cup. In addition, top tennis player Lara Taranova has pledged to donate $500 000 Hong Kong Dollars to your charity on the condition that the donation is used to convert one of the rooms to a gym and that the gym is named “The Lorn Taranova Gym”. Finally, if you would allow her to do so, Taranova would allow her to do so, Taranova would also like to peg your charity a short courtesy visit.


We hope that you are not discouraged by this rejection, and once again sincerely apologize for not choosing your charity. We look forward to seeing your charity prosper, and we hope to see you during the Victoria Cup. 

Yours sincerely, 

Nico Lin

2021 dse english paper 3答案 (Task 9)


Task 9: Letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Press & Journal (19 marks)

Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Press & Journal using information from the B2 Data File and your notes. You do not need to write an address or date. Write around 180 words.

2021 英文卷三 5** 答案

Dear Sir / Madam,


I am Nico Lin of Events Horizon. The organizer of the Victoria Cup this year. I am writing to respond to Ms Singh’s letter and would like to clarify some points regarding her complaints and to introduce our new measures to avoid recent incidents from last year.


To begin with, regarding her arrogance to find that the majority of seats were reserved for corporate sponsors and their guests, we would like to reiterate that only 12% of tickets were allocated to corporate sponsors, as opposed to the majority. However, we acknowledge that in the previous year, it has indeed been an issue that a sinkable portion of corporate sponsor seats were left empty as they elected not to attend. We have been actively attending to find a solution to resolve this problem, and this year we will be including a condition of punctuality. Should corporate sponsor ticket holders fail to arrive within 60 minutes of the start of play, they will lose their ticket It is hoped that this will remedy the issue of unused corporate sponges seats.


On the second concern of real fans being made to obtain we are tickets. We are proud to say that we have revamped our ticket system to better promote fairness. This year, members of local tennis clubs will be given priority to purchase tickets to ensure that genuine fans will be able to obtain tickets. Moreover, we will be adopting the same system as the All England Lam Tennis Club at the 2021 Victoria Cup so that even more real fans can attend.


All fans are given a ticket number upon entry and our staff keep track of any unclaimed seats. Once we receive confirmation that the seats will not be occupied, the seats are released to face holding the lowest ticket number. As such, it can be assured that fans who attend on the day will have a chance to get a seat *. Hence, we are confident that we will be able to handle the large demand from the public, and that real fans will be able to obtain tickets.


I hope that this letter has been able to address your concerns and complaints. Should you have any concerns, we are always open to constructive criticism so that we can continuously improve our services, so please feel free to contact us again. We hope to see you at the 2021 Victoria Cup.

Yours faithfully,

Nico Line

Nico Line

* This also solves the problem of no-show corporate sponsor ticketholders. Lastly, regarding audience members who talk loudly and distance players, they will be removed from the venue This ensures minimum disruption to players and fans.

5** 答案 小學習之處


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