2019 DSE English Paper 2題目 【獨家5**真跡】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2019 DSE English Paper 2題目 答案





The Yearbook Committee is putting together a book for all graduating students. The yearbook is a collection of photos and comments about school life, written and submitted by students. When read several years later, the yearbook will remind students of their time at secondary school.

You are a student in Class 6C at Kowloon Secondary School. The committee has asked you to complete the following yearbook entry.


你是九龍中學 6C 班的學生。委員會已要求您完成以下畢業紀念冊。

  1. Write about one subject that you enjoyed studying or found challenging
  2. Write about what you will miss most about being a student in Class 6C
    寫下作為 6C 班學生最想念的事情

那麼這一次就看看5**狀元當年 2019 Part A


今次的真跡就是 2019 dse english paper 2題目 答案

2019 DSE English paper 2題目 正文

2019 DSE English paper 2題目

1.1 Academic Life

Write about one subject that you enjoyed studying or found challenging.

  1. 標題句

In my six-year secondary school life, Chinese was my favourite subject and Miss Wong was my beloved Chinese teacher.

  1. 用其他老師作對比

As Class 6C is the elite class of the school, what we faced every day are ceaseless assignments, a large number of tests and examinations as well as the stern faces of teachers.

  1. 刻劃老師用心教學

However, Miss Wong cared about the feeling of all of us. With her interactive teaching approach, I was immersed inthe merriment of learning Chinese poems and often imagined the magnificent scenery portrayed in the poems. As an inquisitive student, I often asked her about various aspects of the Chinese culture, such as Confucianism and Taoism during the lunchtime and after school. Although it was challenging for me to memorize all the proses and poems taught in Chinese textbooks and often got unsatisfactory results, Miss Wong didn’t give me up. On the contrary, she sacrificed her leisure time, responding to my questions and teaching me patiently on Whatsapp. Touched by her enthusiasm about teaching, I worked harder and achieved brilliant results in the mock examination. How wonderful it was! There is no doubt that I enjoyed studying Chinese due to Miss Wong.

1.2 Student Life

Write about what you will miss most about being a student in Class 6C

  1. 標題句

Apart from the academic life and the merriment of Chinese lessons, being a student in Class 6C was unforgettable. What I will miss most is the solidarity showcased by all of us.

  1. 描寫比賽前的衝突

Can you see the smiles of all of us on the photo? Do you remember we practised cheerleading before the Sports Days? Do you remember we prepared for the inter-class singing contest before the Last Day? Ahead of the singing contest, we had a heated debate about which song we should select and criticized each other.

  1. 描寫團結氣氛

However, our Chinese teacher and class teacher, Miss Wong, insisted that we should unite in order to fight for glory and gave us clear guidance. For those who are talented in music, they could choose the song; for those who possess excellent leadership skills, they were in charge of leading the rehearsal; for those who areartistically-gifted, they were responsible for designing the costumes. Thanks to Miss Wong’s outstanding leadership, we knew how to distribute the work and realized the significance of unity. With our flawless performance in the school hall, we managed to impress the adjudicators, the teachers, as well as the students, winning the championship trophy and ending our beautiful secondary school life on a high note. From the photo, you can seeour sweet smiles and jubilant faces. There is no doubt our swan song made our class united and I am really proud of being a member of the 6C family!

  1. 期望作結

Hope that everyone of us can achieve brilliant results in the HKDSE and have a bright future!

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