英文reading生字 【比你想像更實用】

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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做 英文reading 可以十分沮喪


你又會被一些 英文reading生字 阻礙著。




即vocab list / 詞彙表



PP 英文reading生字



all but + n.


The criticism against adolescents is all but the lack of willpower and determination.

n. + has little positive to say


Hong Kong people have little positive to say about the mainland tourists as they are often unhygienic and erode precious resources, like milk powder.

n. + has more to do with


The plight of North Korea has more to do with poor governance than international sanctions.

n. + hardly disputes

某人幾乎沒有反駁 = 某人承認

The scholar hardly disputed the fact that the wealth gap in Hong Kong is widening.

2012 英文reading生字



n. + would have + p.p.


David would have studied at the University of Hong Kong if he had worked harder.

n. + is nothing less than + n.


Arsenal’s performance against Liverpool was nothing less than a disaster.

n. is no happier + than


Despite enjoying material comfort, many people are no happier than before as they face tremendous pressure.

2013 英文reading生字



n. + part company with + n.


After his gruadation, he parted company with his parents, cohabitating with his girlfriend.

His latest novel parts company with his previous works, emphasizing the ugliness of human beings.

n. + get their hands on the wheel


Many university graduates fail to get their hands on the wheel and they are perplexed about their future.

2014 英文reading生字



n. + is nothing more than + n.


With the implementation of the Community Housing Movement, residents who have been waiting for public housing for 3 years can share subdivided units with other families in tenements. However, this is nothing more than a stopgap measure which can hardly alleviate the housing shortage in Hong Kong.

n. would rather A than B


He would rather die than lose his freedom.

n. + is not as + adj. + as everyone thinks it is (與其他人設想不同)

University graduates are not as fragile as everyone think they are. Many of them are persistent and intrepid enough to overcome adversities.

Is it not a rule in life that + SVO?


Is it not a rule in life that people with good physical appearance are at an advantage in job applications?

No one is quite as + adj. + as we would like them to be


No one is as perfect as we would like them to be.


n. is all the better


The school kid said, “If typhoon signal no.10 is hoisted every day, all the better.”

n. is coming in thick and fast


Complaints are coming in thick and fast.

n. + is living proof


Stephen Hawking is living proof that the physically-disabled can thrive as long as they believe in themselves and make strenuous effort.

2015 英文reading生字



n. + somehow + v.


Roger Federer was somehow afraid of Rafael Nadal. However, Federer overcame this fear, defeating the latter in the Australian Open final and winning the 18th Grand Slam title in his career.

Why aren’t +n. …?


Many mainlanders often ask this question: Why aren’t Hong Kongers satisfied with the rule by China?

(為何香港人仍不滿意中國的統治? 🡪 意思指內地人認為香港人應該滿意中央)

n. + is in effect + n.


The shortage of HOS flats available for sale is in effect a gift to the property tycoons.

n. + will not take you very far

(不能幫助…走遠 = 無助於)

With the inflation of academic qualifications, associated degrees and high-diploma degrees will not take young people very far.

n. + is not totally without value

(不是完全沒有價值 = 有價值)

The incompetence of Chairman Mao is not totally without value. His complete failures let his successors know that economic development takes precedence over meaningless political campaigns.

n. + come at their own expense


His reluctance to listen to his parents’ advice came at his own expense – He trafficked drugs to Thailand and was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment.

2016 英文reading生字



n. + doesn’t work in the way most people think it does.


A successful basketball team does not work in the way most people think it does. Apart from having talented players, excellent coaching is sometimes more important.

Nor is/ are … (也不)

He is not talented. Nor is he hardworking.

n. + has to do with …


Hong Kong’s economic achievements have to do with 155 years of British colonial rule.

n. + is long gone


The fighting spirit of Wayne Rooney is long gone. He used to strive for perfection and refused to give up. However, he has lost the drive to succeed, wallowing in the mire of mediocrity.

The odds are stacked against + n.


Although Chelsea played so well in the semifinal, the odds were stacked against them. They were finally defeated by Barcelona due to the referee’s misjudgment.

per se (本身)

Money is not a bad thing per se. However, greed often drives people to commit crimes and ruins their future.

n. + is akin to + n. (相似)

The economic structure of South Korea is akin to that of Japan. Both countries are reputable for their electronic industry and IT industry.

SVO + albeit … (儘管)

The effort by the rescue workers, albeit unsuccessful, deserves our praise.

SVO + as if + SVO (仿如)

The murderer behaved as if nothing had happened.

n. + is more a + n. + than a + n.


With rapid technological advancement, cashless payments are more a trend than a fad.

n. + has yet to + v. (還未)

Carrie Lam’s administration has yet to gain the trust from many Hong Kong people.

…., mind. (要注意)

Dogs are prohibited in public housing estates, mind.

2017 英文reading生字



otherwise + adj.


Swindlers often take advantage of our greed and deceive otherwise intelligent and knowledgeable people.

By and large, + SVO


By and large, a politically turbulent country is unlikely to achieve economic success.

n. + join the bandwagon


With the launch of the latest iPhone model, Mr. Chan joined the bandwagon, purchasing the first smartphone in his life.

n. echo + n. (附和)

The journalist echoed the scholar’s view, arging that the Spanish government should not crack down on the Catalans supporting independence.

n. might have + p.p.

(本來可能 🡪 但實質沒有實現)

He might have been successful if he had had strong willpower.

The clearest truism


The clearest truism is that complacency breeds failure.

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