2020 DSE English paper 2 Question【5**答案】!?

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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2020 DSE english paper 2 Question Part A 秘訣

2020 DSE English paper 2 question 答案

當年英文卷二Part A題目要求同學為新餐廳Dim Sum One撰寫食評,



你將會在這篇文章學到如何在2020 dse英文卷二拿到5**



2020 DSE english paper 2 question

2020 DSE English paper 2 question Part A 題目​

You finally got the chance to eat at Hong Kong’s hottest new restaurant, Dim Sum One. Write a review for Eat & Drink, an online food guide that allows users to write their own reviews.

Write about what you liked, what you didn’t like and if you would recommend this restaurant. You can choose to write about any of the following in your review.

Food Service Dining environment Price

您終於有機會在香港最熱門的新餐廳 Dim Sum One 用餐。為Eat & Drink撰寫評論,這是一個在線美食指南,允許使用者撰寫自己的評論。


餐飲 服務 餐飲環境 價格

2020 DSE English paper 2 question Part A 範文

2020 writing 部分一:The city’s hottest restaurant

2020 dse english paper 2 part a

Have you heard of Dim Sum One? Chances are, you have.

你聽說過Dim Sum One嗎?很有可能,你有。

Publicly endorsed by renowned food critic Choi Lan, the opening of the daring dim sum fusion restaurant has become the talk of the town.


Speaking of why I decided to book our family a table for Mother’s Day, I blamed all of my friends who kept on posting mouthwatering photos of their food on social media – we were all tired of drooling on our phones!

說到為什麼我決定為母親節預訂一張桌子,我責怪我所有的朋友,他們不斷在社交媒體上發佈令人垂涎的食物照片 – 我們都厭倦了在手機上流口水!

So, did Dim Sum One live up to its high expectations of meshing Eastern and Western culinary conventions? Read on to find out!

那麼,Dim Sum One是否達到了其將東西方烹飪慣例融合在一起的高期望呢?請繼續閱讀以找出答案!

2020 writing 部分二:What I liked

2020 DSE English Paper 2 sample

Indeed, the dishes offered at Dim Sum One rivaled the signature dishes of Michelin three-star restaurants.

事實上,Dim Sum One 提供的菜餚可與米其林三星級餐廳的招牌菜相媲美。

Apart from offering traditional dim sum ranging from shrimp dumplings to siu mai, innovative fusion dim sum dishes are also on their menu.


A flawless illustration of how different ingredients from diverse cultures around the globe come together beautifully was their bean curd sheet roll with lemongrass, seafood and Mexican hot sauce.


No sooner had the steaming hot roll been cut open than the enticing aroma of lemongrass filled the air.


The seafood was really fresh, and the hot sauce added a hint of spice to the savory dish.


2020 writing 部分三:What I didn’t like

2020 DSE english Writing question

Actually, the thing I disliked the most was the overall environment of the restaurant.


Not that it was filthy and teeming with vermin –  I would’ve run out of the place faster than Usain Bolt if that had been the case, just kidding!

並不是說它骯髒且充滿害蟲 – 如果是這樣的話,我會比Usain Bolt更快地跑出這個地方,只是開玩笑!

If you have ever walked past Dim Sum One, you might have noticed their emphasis on extravagant ingredients such as saffron and caviar.

如果你曾經走過Dim Sum One,你可能已經注意到他們強調奢侈的成分,如藏紅花和魚子醬。

I’ll let you on a secret. In blatant violation of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, the caviar scallion pancake does not contain the slightest trace of caviar.


To their merit, the black pearls sitting on top of it did look like the real deal, but the moment I bit into it, it was crystal clear that it was just seaweed extract and salmon roe “cosplaying” as caviar with the help of molecular gastronomy techniques. Disgraceful, huh?


Why taint a perfectly scrumptious dish with the bitter aftertaste of dishonesty while you can simply brag about how you can make cheap ingredients taste heavenly?


That’s incredibly shortsighted, don’t you think so?


2020 writing 部分四:Would I recommend this restaurant?

2020DSE 英文作文 English Writing PartA

Of course! Dim Sum One’s unprecedented fusion dim sum dishes are hands down the best I’ve ever tasted.

答案是肯定的!Dim Sum One前所未有的融合點心是我吃過的最好的點心。

As someone who has participated in our school’s Home Economics Club for years, blending various dishes together without one overwhelming another is easier said than done.


However, no matter how innovative or unconventional Dim Sum One’s dishes are, they still retain a uniquely Hong Kong taste.

然而,無論Dim Sum One的菜餚多麼創新或非傳統,它們仍然保留著獨特的香港風味。

Hong Kong has always been diverse and accepting of different cultures.


Still, there are still things that never change, such as how Hongkongers can be stoic one moment then helpful the next when someone is in need and how we will use the indomitable Lion Rock spirit flowing in our blood to fight for our dreams.


Just take a bite of Dim Sum One’s food, and you will understand that the essence of Hong Kong is captured in every bite.

只要咬一口Dim Sum One的食物,你就會明白,每一口都捕捉到了香港的精髓。

Try it! It is the Hong Kong spirit that captures our minds. 

試試吧! 香港精神抓住了我們的心靈。

希望大家看完這篇2020 DSE English paper 2 5**文章後,能從中偷師,使自己未來 寫文的方式都能符合marker的口味!

大家甚至可以背起來,使自己DSE English Paper 2 Writing 能有所進步!

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