2017 DSE English paper 2 【Part A】秘訣

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2017 DSE英文作文題目 Part A 秘訣

2017 DSE英文作文題目 Part A









2017 DSE English paper 2

2017 DSE English paper 2 Part A 題目

You are the chairperson of the Social Service Club in your school. The school would like to develop closer links with the community. Write a letter to your principal, Ms Lee, proposing a new community project that the school can carry out with a home for the elderly in your district.

In your letter persuade your principal to accept your project by

(i) describing one activity that could be carried out, and

(ii) identifying the benefits for the elderly home.

Sign your letter Chris Wong.

  • 活動一定要與老人院有關,不能寫探訪長者
  • 活動只能寫1個
  • 好處要針對老人或老人院

2017 DSE英文作文題目
Part A範文

Dear Mr. Lee,


  • 寫作目的

I am writing to propose a new community project for our school on behalf of the Social Service Club. 

  • 交代背景

Knowing that our school is aiming to develop closer links with the community, our club has come up with a project named “Warmth to the Elderlyin collaboration with an elderly home called “Sunny Nursing Home”

  • 開啟下文

In the following, I would like to introduce an activity of the project and the benefits for the elderly home, hoping that the school will find it meaningful to run.

內文 1 活動介紹

  • 標題句

After our discussion with “Sunny Nursing Home”, it is suggested that a computer class can be organized for the elderly there.

  • 建議原因

As we all know, the senior citizens in the elderly home sometimes feel lonely and depressed. With their loved ones being preoccupied with work and study, they are in lack of opportunities to connect to the outside world. In view of this, a computer class would be a therapeutic activity for the elderly.

  • 建議詳情

Our students are proficient in the use of information technology and advanced electronic gadgets. They could be the instructors in the class, teaching the senior citizens to carry out simple computer operations and use basic functions on the computers, such as typing Chinese characters, surfing the net and watching videos and TV dramas. Through this class can our students help the aged reconnect to the world outside the elderly home. For example, they could learn how to use Gmail and various social media websites like Facebook and Weibo to communicate with their children and grandchildren. With a view to enlarging their social network, they can even make new friends on these websites. It is also worth noting that the elderly can keep abreast of the events happening in the world and entertain themselves with the IT skills acquired from the class. As senior citizens are easily exhausted and their attention span is short, it is recommended that each training session should last for one hour.

內文 2 活動好處 1

  • 標題句

There are several benefits that the project of “Warmth to the Elderly” can bring to the elderly home. To commence with, the project can enhance the atmosphere of the elderly home, making it more harmonious.

  • 背景

Lacking warmth and love, the senior citizens in the elderly home often feel spiritually empty and hopeless. Without any means to express their dissatisfaction and frustration, it is not uncommon for them to lose temper. Last month, for example, an elderly man fought with another old lady in the elderly home and both of them suffered from injuries

  • 詳細解釋論點

It is our firm belief that the computer course can address this problem and improve the atmosphere of the elderly home. As mentioned above, the class can enable the senior citizens to communicate with their loved ones. With their fragile souls warmed by their children and grandchildren, they will be spiritually fulfilled and have better mental well-being. As a result, tempers are less likely to flare and conflicts among the senior citizens can be minimized

  • 總結句

With the harmonious atmosphere in Sunny Nursing Home, the workload of the staff can be lightened, smoothening the operation of the elderly home.

內文 3 活動好處 2

  • 標題句

Equally worth noting is that our community project can enhance the reputation of the elderly home.

  • 背景

Unlike some elderly homes in Hong Kong, the mission of Sunny Nursing Home is to “provide senior citizens with warmth and a fruitful life”. Through organizing this meaningful computer course and connecting the elderly to the outside world can we achieve this goal. 

  • 詳細解釋論點

With media coverage and online discussion, the residents in our neighbourhood and Hong Kong will know about the details of the project, realizing that the staff members of the elderly home are enthusiastic about helping the aged and do their utmost to provide a harmonious and blissful environment for them. With a better reputation, the elderly home can entice more people to send their elderly parents there, increasing its customer base and revenue in the long run.


  • 期望建議得到採納

It is high time for us to make the first step to develop closer links with the community. It is sincerely hoped that our proposal will be adopted by the school, benefitting the elderly as well as the elderly home. Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wong

Chairman of Social Service Club

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