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DSE英文作文範文 【5個5**狀元的範例】

DSE英文作文雖然不太像有方向溫習。不過,我們可以向5**狀元偷師。嘗試去理解他們的作文範例,那麼便會事半功倍。所以以下會提供5個 DSE英文作文範文 包括 建議題、sppech、article等等的文種。而全部都是出自5**狀元的手筆! DSE English writing範文 DSE Eng Paper 2 Sample 1:建議題(開首) 建議題目開頭要點寫? 你會唔會諗極都落唔到筆? 依家就送你2021 一個活生生的5** DSE英文作文範例 ! 2021 writing Q3 Learning English through Workplace Communication You work in the sales department at Fast Fashion, an online company that sells clothes. Recently, you have received a number of complaints from customers about the company’s no-exchange/no-refund policy. Write an email to the sales manager. Explain why you think this policy should be changed. Suggest what changes could be made. Discuss ways to prevent customers from taking advantage of the new policy.   1. 寫作目的I am writing to register my concern about a recent issue regarding the no-exchange policy. 2. 背景介紹 Up unit recently there has been a woefully large amount of complaints accumulated which were received incessantly throughout the year. Plainly put, must complaints, if not all, expressed their disappointment towards our company’s inability to return foul goods. 3. 寫作目的 To come to grips with this issue, after meticulous rumination I have decided to suggest changing our refund policy. 大家不妨背咗佢! 寫嘅時候就可以有進步! DSE English Paper 2範文 2:建議題(結尾) 同樣都是2021 writing Q3 All things considered, it is hoped that the above suggestion has been useful and that the management will be convinced to make related changes. With a view to raising, Fast Fashion to a top place in the market, the onus is on every one of us employees to solve arising issues. We shall translate words into actions, and take prompt action for the betterment of the company DSE英文作文範例 3:Speech(內文) Speech當然有獨特的語境意識,那麼究竟要如何寫出那種感覺呢? 今次以2016 Part A 來作例子 You are the President of the Students’ Union at your school. You are preparing a speech to welcome new students on the first day of school. In order to help new students achieve success and have an enjoyable school life, you want to talk about the following in your speech:  importance of following school rules importance of interpersonal relationships The first part of the speech has been written for you. Finish the speech. 詳細解釋 Picture this scene: a group of naughty students are eating when the teacher is talking; some classmates are using their phones while others are doing an experiment in the laboratory; several boys are using foul languages when chatting. What do you think? Do you like to study in such a school? Do you want your schoolmates to be one of them? Great, I see that many of you are shaking your heads. Actually, in order to create an environment that is conducive to our growth and learning, everyone has the responsibility to abide by the school rules and develop self-discipline – to do the right thing at the right time. Our school is not a theme park to have entertainment, nor is it a market to chat loudly whenever you want. But don’t be afraid! It is neither a prison where you merely follow orders and instructions.  2. 總結句 As long as every one of us follows the school rules, we can establish a good image of our school and make our alma


2021 DSE English Paper 2題目 【5**答案】!?

2021 DSE english paper 2題目 要學DSE英文卷二作文,除了學技巧,學評分準則,我們也可以向5**狀元偷師。 嘗試去理解他們的作文範例,那麼便會事半功倍。 所以以下會提供 2021 DSE english paper 2題目  而全部都是出自5**狀元的手筆! 2021 DSE english paper 2 Q2 Learning English through Social Issues Although studies show electric cars are more environmentally friendly than petrol cars, less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 worldwide were electric. Write a letter to editor of Hong Kong Post. Discuss why sales of electric vehicles are so low. Suggest what can be done to attract more people to drive these vehicles. 2021 writing Q2 開首 Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to express my deepest concern about the public’s lack of enthusiasm in purchasing, and by extension, driving electric cars. 我寫信是為了表達我對公眾對購買電動汽車缺乏熱情的深切關注,進而對駕駛電動汽車表示深切關注。 As an environmentalist, I was somewhat appalled at reading the statistic that less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 were electric. 作為一名環保主義者,我對 2020 年售出的所有汽車中只有不到 3% 的電動汽車的統計數據感到有些震驚。 I have been ruminating on the possible reasons and solutions for the last few days, and hope to bring them to the attention of your readership. 這幾天我一直在思考可能的原因和解決方案,希望能引起讀者的注意。 2021 writing Q2 內文 1 Out of all the reasons, there are none more significant than the lack of supporting facilities.  在所有的原因中,沒有比缺乏配套設施更重要的了。 Hong Kong, for all its claims of being a high-tech city, is oddly bereft when it comes to electric car chargers and parking spaces, and so are many other cities such as Tokyo and Chicago, 香港雖然號稱是一座高科技城市,但在電動汽車充電器和停車位方面卻很奇怪,東京和芝加哥等許多其他城市也是如此。 I went and counted chargers in the vicinity of my apartment, and behold, found no more than three. 在我的公寓附近並數插電器,發現不超過三個。 Lamentably, technology has not yet progressed to the level where electric car batteries can last as long as a full tank of petrol – even 24 hours of continuous use is pushing the limit for electric cars 可悲的是,技術還沒有發展到電動汽車電池可以像一整箱汽油一樣持續使用的水平——即使是 24 小時連續使用也在推動電動汽車的極限 It is precisely under this backdrop that electric chargers are so crucial for increasing electric car usage. 正是在這種背景下,充電器對於增加電動汽車的使用量至關重要。 That people select to purchase a petrol-driven car. In favour of an electric car is conceivable – who would enjoy planning their day-to-day lives around charging spots, and who would not want to avoid the humiliation it running out of battery in the middle of a six-lane busy road during rush hours? 人們選擇購買汽油驅動的汽車。支持電動汽車可以想像 – 誰會喜歡在充電點周圍規劃他們的日常生活,誰不想避免在高峰時段在六車道繁忙的道路中間耗盡電池的羞辱? 2021 writing Q2 內文 2 Another reason that comes to mind is insufficient promotion. 我想到的另一個原因是促銷不足。 We rarely see an advertisement on promotional material for electric cars, and even if the occasional Tesla or Henchy makes it into the spotlight, it is often to ostentatiously show off the car, while the tangible benefits are left out of public discouragement. 我們很少在電動汽車的宣傳材料上看到廣告,即使偶爾的Tesla或Henchy成為人們關注的焦點,也往往是炫耀汽車,而有形的好處卻被公眾勸阻。 Had I not been deeply involved in environmental patterns since a young age, I would not have known about how electrical cars eliminate nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides car exhaust, thus helping reduce acid rain, not to mention putting a stopper in global warming. 如果我從小就沒有深入涉獵環境模式,我就不會知道電動汽車如何消除氮氧化物和硫氧化物汽車尾氣,從而幫助減少酸雨,更不用說阻止全球暖化。 Inertia and the tendency to choose the path of resistance have long plagued us. Such is the flow of mankind. 惰性和選擇抵抗道路的傾向長期以來一直困擾著我們。這就是人類的流動。 Without informing people of better alternatives and letting them know that they have a choice, how can people be jerked out


2018 DSE English Paper 2題目 【答案】!?

2018 DSE English paper 2題目 Part A 2018 DSE English paper 2題目 Part A是講述你現在是6A 的班主任。下個月你將帶著你的班級去天際100,並給父母寫一封信,向他們提供有關旅行的必要信息。 這在當時算是比較新穎的題目 究竟如何作答? 你將會在這篇文章學到如何拿到5** 讓我們開始吧! 題目 HKDSE English 2018 Q1 You are Chris Wong, the class teacher of 6A. You will be taking your class on a school trip next month to sky 100, shown in the poster below. Write a letter to parents giving them the necessary information about the trip. You may use the mindmap to help you write the letter.  Poster Highest indoor observation deck in the city! Sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck 100/F ICC 1 Austin Road West Kowloon Entrance fee: $150 Opening hours: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mind Map of the School Trip Transportation Purpose of the trip Lunch Cost  ? Write a letter to parents Give them the necessary information about the trip Purpose of the trip 2018 DSE English paper 2題目 Part A範文 Dear Parents, 引言 寫作目的 I am writing to inform you of the coming field trip to Sky 100 for 6A students, which is a component of an inter-disciplinary project designed by History and Geography teachers.  開啟下文 We believe it is a golden opportunity for students to leave the classroom, exploring and investigating our city. The details of the trip are as follows. 內文 1 活動介紹 建議詳情 The trip will be held on November 3 (Saturday). Students will be required to arrive at the school gate by 9:30 a.m., where a shuttle bus will be waiting to take the students to the alluring attraction. Students will spend the day at the skyscraper, absorbing knowledge of various fields. At 5 p.m., students will be dismissed. 內文 2 活動目的 1 標題句 There is a host of objectives we are hoping to achieve during the visit to Sky 100.  To commence with, we aim to provide students with the opportunity to understand more about the historical backgrounds and events of Hong Kong. 詳細解釋 Observing our city at the best location, students would spectate the attractive scenery in awe, boosting their sense of belonging to Hong Kong. During the visit, history teachers will introduce the humble beginning of the city and explain the origin and historical development of some renowned buildings in Central and Wan Chai, such as the Post Office, the headquarters of HSBC, the Bank of China Tower as well as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  總結句 As a result, students can learn more about the significant roles of various buildings. 內文 3 活動目的 2 標題句 Another purpose of the activity is to allow 6A students to have a better understanding of the land use in Hong Kong.  詳細解釋 While our Geography textbooks cover this topic, our teachers would like our students to explore the issues related to land use from a bird’s eye view. From the observation tower of Sky 100, students will have the chance to take a glance of various housing estates, commercial buildings, sports grounds and historical monuments in our central business districts. During the process, our Geography teachers will explain


2017 DSE English paper 2 【Part A】秘訣

2017 DSE英文作文題目 Part A 秘訣 2017 DSE英文作文題目 Part A 是講述你是你學校社會服務俱樂部的主席。 學校希望與社區建立更密切的聯繫。 給您的校長寫一封信, 提議學校可以在您所在地區的老人之家開展一個新的社區項目。 這在當時算是比較新穎的題目 究竟如何作答? 你將會在這篇文章學到如何拿到5** 讓我們開始吧! 2017 DSE English paper 2 Part A 題目 You are the chairperson of the Social Service Club in your school. The school would like to develop closer links with the community. Write a letter to your principal, Ms Lee, proposing a new community project that the school can carry out with a home for the elderly in your district. In your letter persuade your principal to accept your project by (i) describing one activity that could be carried out, and (ii) identifying the benefits for the elderly home. Sign your letter Chris Wong. 活動一定要與老人院有關,不能寫探訪長者 活動只能寫1個 好處要針對老人或老人院 2017 DSE英文作文題目Part A範文 Dear Mr. Lee, 引言 寫作目的 I am writing to propose a new community project for our school on behalf of the Social Service Club.  交代背景 Knowing that our school is aiming to develop closer links with the community, our club has come up with a project named “Warmth to the Elderly” in collaboration with an elderly home called “Sunny Nursing Home”.  開啟下文 In the following, I would like to introduce an activity of the project and the benefits for the elderly home, hoping that the school will find it meaningful to run. 內文 1 活動介紹 標題句 After our discussion with “Sunny Nursing Home”, it is suggested that a computer class can be organized for the elderly there. 建議原因 As we all know, the senior citizens in the elderly home sometimes feel lonely and depressed. With their loved ones being preoccupied with work and study, they are in lack of opportunities to connect to the outside world. In view of this, a computer class would be a therapeutic activity for the elderly. 建議詳情 Our students are proficient in the use of information technology and advanced electronic gadgets. They could be the instructors in the class, teaching the senior citizens to carry out simple computer operations and use basic functions on the computers, such as typing Chinese characters, surfing the net and watching videos and TV dramas. Through this class can our students help the aged reconnect to the world outside the elderly home. For example, they could learn how to use Gmail and various social media websites like Facebook and Weibo to communicate with their children and grandchildren. With a view to enlarging their social network, they can even make new friends on these websites. It is also worth noting that the elderly can keep abreast of the events happening in the world and entertain themselves with the IT skills acquired from the class. As senior citizens are easily exhausted and their attention span is short, it is recommended that each training session should last for one hour. 內文 2 活動好處 1 標題句 There are several benefits that the project of “Warmth to the Elderly” can bring to the elderly home. To commence with, the project can enhance the atmosphere of the elderly home, making it more harmonious. 背景 Lacking warmth and love, the senior


2020 DSE English paper 2 Question【5**答案】!?

2020 DSE english paper 2 Question Part A 秘訣 2020 DSE English paper 2 question 答案 當年英文卷二Part A題目要求同學為新餐廳Dim Sum One撰寫食評, 這在當時算是比較與眾不同的題目 究竟如何作答? 你將會在這篇文章學到如何在2020 dse英文卷二拿到5** 記得看到最後! 以下是我們5**學生的真跡! 2020 DSE English paper 2 question Part A 題目​ You finally got the chance to eat at Hong Kong’s hottest new restaurant, Dim Sum One. Write a review for Eat & Drink, an online food guide that allows users to write their own reviews. Write about what you liked, what you didn’t like and if you would recommend this restaurant. You can choose to write about any of the following in your review. Food Service Dining environment Price 您終於有機會在香港最熱門的新餐廳 Dim Sum One 用餐。為Eat & Drink撰寫評論,這是一個在線美食指南,允許使用者撰寫自己的評論。 寫下你喜歡什麼,你不喜歡什麼,如果你會推薦這家餐廳。您可以選擇在評論中寫以下任何內容。 餐飲 服務 餐飲環境 價格 2020 DSE English paper 2 question Part A 範文 2020 writing 部分一:The city’s hottest restaurant Have you heard of Dim Sum One? Chances are, you have. 你聽說過Dim Sum One嗎?很有可能,你有。 Publicly endorsed by renowned food critic Choi Lan, the opening of the daring dim sum fusion restaurant has become the talk of the town. 在著名美食評論家蔡瀾的公開認可下,大膽的點心融合餐廳的開業成為小鎮的話題。 Speaking of why I decided to book our family a table for Mother’s Day, I blamed all of my friends who kept on posting mouthwatering photos of their food on social media – we were all tired of drooling on our phones! 說到為什麼我決定為母親節預訂一張桌子,我責怪我所有的朋友,他們不斷在社交媒體上發佈令人垂涎的食物照片 – 我們都厭倦了在手機上流口水! So, did Dim Sum One live up to its high expectations of meshing Eastern and Western culinary conventions? Read on to find out! 那麼,Dim Sum One是否達到了其將東西方烹飪慣例融合在一起的高期望呢?請繼續閱讀以找出答案! 免費試堂 2020 writing 部分二:What I liked Indeed, the dishes offered at Dim Sum One rivaled the signature dishes of Michelin three-star restaurants. 事實上,Dim Sum One 提供的菜餚可與米其林三星級餐廳的招牌菜相媲美。 Apart from offering traditional dim sum ranging from shrimp dumplings to siu mai, innovative fusion dim sum dishes are also on their menu. 除了提供從蝦餃到小麥等傳統點心外,他們的功能表上還有創新的融合點心菜餚。 A flawless illustration of how different ingredients from diverse cultures around the globe come together beautifully was their bean curd sheet roll with lemongrass, seafood and Mexican hot sauce. 他們的豆腐片卷配檸檬草,海鮮和墨西哥辣醬完美例證了他們如何完美地結合在來自全球不同文化且不同食材。 No sooner had the steaming hot roll been cut open than the enticing aroma of lemongrass filled the air. 熱氣騰騰的熱卷剛被切開不久,空氣中瀰漫著檸檬草的誘人香氣。 The seafood was really fresh, and the hot sauce added a hint of spice to the savory dish. 海鮮真的很新鮮,辣醬為鹹味的菜餚增添了一絲香料。 免費試堂 2020 writing 部分三:What I didn’t like Actually, the thing I disliked the most was the overall environment of the restaurant. 其實,我最不喜歡的是餐廳的整體環境。 Not that it was filthy and teeming with vermin –  I would’ve run out of the place faster than Usain Bolt if that had been the case, just kidding! 並不是說它骯髒且充滿害蟲 – 如果是這樣的話,我會比Usain Bolt更快地跑出這個地方,只是開玩笑! If you have ever walked past Dim Sum One, you might have noticed their emphasis on extravagant ingredients such as saffron and caviar. 如果你曾經走過Dim Sum One,你可能已經注意到他們強調奢侈的成分,如藏紅花和魚子醬。 I’ll let you on a secret. In blatant violation of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance, the caviar scallion pancake does not contain the slightest trace of caviar. 我會告訴你一個秘密。魚子醬蔥煎餅公然違反《商品說明條例》,不含絲毫魚子醬。 To their merit, the black pearls sitting on top of it did look like the real deal, but the moment I bit into it, it was crystal clear that it was just seaweed extract and


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