August 30, 2021


【DSE Speaking】 離題小技巧 +句式 +詞彙

好多學生會覺得 Speaking 係最唔需要技巧嘅,只依靠自己到時嘅臨場發揮。但係其實 Speaking 都有唔少嘅應對技巧,句式同詞彙可以溫。今日Spencer Sir就同大家分享吓三大幫你喺 Speaking攞5**嘅必用詞彙、句式同技巧。 Speaking 時有人離題 點算好? 假如到時考 Speaking,有人將討論帶到完全離曬題,應該點算好?Spencer Sir 教大家三種句式,可以直接將討論主題引領回軌道上。 Level 1: Shut up! You xxx – wasting my time! Well, we have all made some good points here, but it seems that we cannot reach a consensus for the time being. Perhaps we can talk about other things first and make a decision later? 我們都提出了一些好觀點,但看來好像是不能在短時間內達成共識。不如我們來講講其他問題,待會再一起做個決策? Well, I see your point. But I’m afraid it’s not relevant here as we’re supposed to talk about …… 嗯,我明白你的意思。但這應是跟我們要講的…關係不大。讓我們繼續討論…吧。 Excuse me, I’m afraid you’re deviating from our focus. We should discuss …, not … 不好意思,但你這樣講好像越來越偏離我們本來的集中點。我們應要討論…,而非…。 Speaking 必用句式 Certainly yes, because 當然是,因為 Certainly yes, because exercising is needed if we want to maintain a salutary lifestyle. 當然是,因為想保持良好生活習慣,運動是必須的。 It is quite likely that 很有可能 It is


【IELTS】10個必學 Idioms

“idiom”,意即英語中嘅成語、諺語。喺 IELTS 中 idioms 無論喺reading , writing 同 listening , speaking 都可以用到。今日Spencer Sir就會教大家十個喺 IELTS 4卷入面超好用嘅 idioms。 Idioms For IELTS bite off more than you can chew 不自量力 He is biting off more than he can chew by working two part-time jobs and studying for a degree at the same time. 他一邊做兩份兼職工作,一邊攻讀學位,這顯然是不自量力的。 it’s not rocket science 這又不是甚麼高深的學問 It is no rocket science- it just takes more patience and skills. 這不是甚麼高深的學問,只是需要更多的耐心和技巧。 to make the matters worse 使情況更糟 Lying does no good but makes the matters worse. 說謊沒有好處,反而會讓事情變得更糟。 wrap your head around sth 弄懂一些事 He has just wrapped his head around how the incident happened. 他剛剛才搞清楚這件事是如何發生的。 a dime a dozen 隨處都是 This pottery may look fancy, but they are a dime a dozen. 這些瓷器可能看起來很花哨,但它們隨處都有。 better late than never


【DSE Paper 1】8大 Reading 題型 + 必勝技巧

今日我 Spencer Sir 將會同大家由HKDSE English Reading Past Paper 常見題型出發,題型技巧!如果你想知 DSE 英文卷一閱讀理解技巧,就要睇曬我跟住落嚟提供嘅星級 tips 啦! Meaning 題目 題目例子 What is the meaning of “XX”? Find a word that means “XX”? 字首攻略 ab (偏離) anti (反對) auto (自己) bi (二) bio (生命) co (一起) counter (相反) de (消除、相反) demo (人) dis (相反) dys (差) ex (前度) extra (額外、超越) in (相反) Il (相反) im (相反) ir (相反) intra (裡面) kilo (千) mal (差) maxi (最大) mega (很大) micro (很少) mid (中間) mini (最小) mis (錯) mono (一) multi (很多) non (不) out (超過) over (過多) post (之後) pre (之前) pro (贊成) re (重新) semi (一半) sino (中國) sub (下面/少) tran (跨越) tri (三) ultra (極度) un (相反) uni (一)     破題詳解 practice paper Q16 What does the expression “pointing


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