【DSE Paper 2】Letter to the Editor 及 Speech 基本架構 + 必背句子

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DSE Writing 英文寫作卷一向都令唔少同學非常頭痛。

除咗難短時間內突破性進步之外,網上亦都流傳好多 DSE Writing 嘅實用文格式。

今日Spencer Sir 就同大家分享 Letter to the Editor 同 Speech 嘅架構同必背句子。

letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor有6個部分😎

  1. Dear Editor,
  2. 開首
  • With just a few clicks on the keyboard and the mouse, you will see articles and photos about ___ flooding your news feed.
  • A recent article on the development of ___  / the phenomenon of ___ has stirred up / triggered heated controversies.
  • I am writing to express my deepest concern about n.
  • As a n.(可以係身分) , SVO

開首記住仲有兩樣嘢要寫❗️ ⚠️

你嘅立場😜 (視乎文章需否表明立場)

  • There is a diverse spectrum of opinions of xxx.
  • Divergent as people’s views on this issue in question may be, I am in favour of the idea because its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.


  • Both sides of the argument are supported by cogent reasons.
  • There are several possible reasons and solutions
  1. 正文✍🏻
  • Constructive as this suggestion may sound, implementing this measure would invariably lead to a host of problems
  1. 駁論😤 (視乎情況,不一定需要)
  • Critics put forth the idea that ___. However, I am certain that this is not the case
  1. 總結😵
  • Taking all aspects into account, it is my firm conviction that SVO

                                          6.Yours faithfully,


Letter to the editor
DSE Paper 2 5** 文章

2021 DSE english paper 2 question

2021 writing Q2 開首

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to express my deepest concern about the public’s lack of enthusiasm in purchasing, and by extension, driving electric cars.


As an environmentalist, I was somewhat appalled at reading the statistic that less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 were electric.

作為一名環保主義者,我對 2020 年售出的所有汽車中只有不到 3% 的電動汽車的統計數據感到有些震驚。

I have been ruminating on the possible reasons and solutions for the last few days, and hope to bring them to the attention of your readership.


2021 writing Q2 內文 1

dse 2021 english paper 2 part a

Out of all the reasons, there are none more significant than the lack of supporting facilities. 


Hong Kong, for all its claims of being a high-tech city, is oddly bereft when it comes to electric car chargers and parking spaces, and so are many other cities such as Tokyo and Chicago,


I went and counted chargers in the vicinity of my apartment, and behold, found no more than three.


Lamentably, technology has not yet progressed to the level where electric car batteries can last as long as a full tank of petrol – even 24 hours of continuous use is pushing the limit for electric cars

可悲的是,技術還沒有發展到電動汽車電池可以像一整箱汽油一樣持續使用的水平——即使是 24 小時連續使用也在推動電動汽車的極限

It is precisely under this backdrop that electric chargers are so crucial for increasing electric car usage.


That people select to purchase a petrol-driven car. In favour of an electric car is conceivable – who would enjoy planning their day-to-day lives around charging spots, and who would not want to avoid the humiliation it running out of battery in the middle of a six-lane busy road during rush hours?

人們選擇購買汽油驅動的汽車。支持電動汽車可以想像 – 誰會喜歡在充電點周圍規劃他們的日常生活,誰不想避免在高峰時段在六車道繁忙的道路中間耗盡電池的羞辱?

2021 writing Q2 內文 2

2021 DSE english paper 2 sample

Another reason that comes to mind is insufficient promotion.


We rarely see an advertisement on promotional material for electric cars, and even if the occasional Tesla or Henchy makes it into the spotlight, it is often to ostentatiously show off the car, while the tangible benefits are left out of public discouragement.


Had I not been deeply involved in environmental patterns since a young age, I would not have known about how electrical cars eliminate nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides car exhaust, thus helping reduce acid rain, not to mention putting a stopper in global warming.


Inertia and the tendency to choose the path of resistance have long plagued us. Such is the flow of mankind.


Without informing people of better alternatives and letting them know that they have a choice, how can people be jerked out of their inertia and realize the advantages of driving an electric vehicle?


The current situation is dire but not irredeemable. I have been able to come up with suggestions, and I sincerely hope there will be implemented in the near future.


2021 writing Q2 內文 3

2021 dse英文卷二題目

On the top of the list is offering economic incentives.


It is unfathomable that a couple of years ago, the transport sector has received sizeable subsidies to upgrade their buses to Euro V models, yet civilians are unable to benefit from similar subsidies to track their petrol-driven car for an electric car.

令人難以置信的是,幾年前,運輸部門已經獲得了相當大的補貼,以將其公共汽車升級到Euro V車型,但平民無法從類似的補貼中受益,以跟蹤他們的汽油驅動汽車的電動汽車。

Surely, the number of existing car owners must outreach potential car owners. The sales of electric cars can be greatly boosted.


By cost reduction purchasing an electrical car, more people will be enticed to buy one and make a change.


2021 writing Q2 內文 4

Under no circumstances should we underestimate the effectiveness of installing more facilities such as electrical car changes.


The recycling movement is a case in point. Ever since the tricolon recycling bus became a common sight on a sheet, the willingness of people to recycle has shown an uptick.


Similarly, promising sufficient chargers will lower the hurdle of driving electric vehicles on the chargers so that the public will be cognizant of an electric car ownership.


To amplify the effect and kill two birds with one stone, why not print promotional content detailing the boon of driving electrical vehicles and the chargers so that the public will be cognizant of the cogent reasons for why they should switch to an electric car?


With the ubiquitous, pervasive presence of chargers, people will realize that electric cars are no more inconvenient than a petrol cars.


people will realize that driving electric cars is no more inconvenient than a petrol car, people will realize that they too can contribute to the prevention of climate change, and people will realize that there is nothing stopping them from switching to an electric car.


2021 writing Q2 結尾


In conclusion, though it is upsetting that people should have such an aversion towards purchasing electric vehicles, it is only a human response to the lack of chargers, subsidies and promotion.


We must take concerted efforts to persuade our governments that the above must be implemented so that our roads will one day be free of polluting exhaust fumes.


I implore you all to take a moment to do your part, so that our next generation can enjoy clear skies and fresh air


You faithfully,

Chris Wong

Chris Wong

以上就是 2021 DSE english paper 2題目 Q2的答案,大家不妨學習5**狀元的文筆。那麼,在學習 DSE 英文 writing 時便能有效1000%!


Speech 就有5個部分✍🏻

  1. 打招呼👋
  • Good afternoon, principal, teachers, parents and schoolmates.


  1. 自我介紹


  • I am Chris Wong, the president of the Students’ Union.
  • On behalf of the English Society, I am going to introduce the upcoming activities in the next three months.
  1. 演講目的🧐
  • I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the advantages of being a volunteer.
  1. 演講內文🤩



  • As some of you may know, I am an active volunteer.
  • For most of you, English is difficult to master.


  1. 演講結束




  •  I hope that all of you will realize the importance of regular exercise.
  •  I believe you can learn a lot by joining the English Club.
  • I wish you all a fruitful life and a rewarding future.
  • This is all for the speech today. Thank you very much.

Speech DSE Paper 2 5** 42/42 滿分 文章

以上都是一些速記,罐頭的句式,但要拿5**同樣還有一段距離。以下會提供 2021 DSE English Paper 2 Question 1 5** 42/42 滿分 文章。



You are helping your school organize the annual school fair. You have been ask to make an announcement about the event during the morning assembly.

Use the poster below to help you write your announcement. In your announcement:

  • Introduce the event.
  • Describe some of the activities that will take place.
  • Let students know how they can help out
2021 DSE Writing Part A Speech

5** 42/42 滿分文章

2021 DSE Writing Part A 部份一

Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow students.

2021 DSE Writing Part A 部份二

If I were to ask you what the large tragedy of 2020 was, what would you say? Perhaps the unfortunate cancellation of the annual school fair last year? Well, if that’s the case, fear not, as I am incredibly proud to announce that our annual school fair will be making a comeback on 29th May 2021 from 12 pm to 4 pm! So, why should you go? Listen on to find out! 

2021 DSE Writing Part A 部份三

The day will start with a “bang” at the food stalls, so forget lunch and come stuff yourself silly instead! Our Home Economic club has been teasing us with utterly delectable Takoyaki balls, filled to the brim with fresh octopus, covered with a truly decadent mozzarella and goat cheese sauce. Be careful, or else you might find yourself literally speechless and tongue-tied by octopus tentacle – that’s just how fresh they are (just kidding)! Have an insatiable sweet tooth? Check out the dessert booth and be on the lookout for the chocolate custard tarts, with a scrumptious core of white chocolate. Bon appetit! 

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