【DSE Paper 2】Letter to the Editor 及 Speech 基本架構 + 必背句子

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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DSE Writing 英文寫作卷一向都令唔少同學非常頭痛。除咗難短時間內突破性進步之外,網上亦都流傳好多 DSE Writing 嘅實用文格式,今日Spencer Sir 就同大家分享 Letter to the Editor 同 Speech 嘅架構同必背句子。

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor有6個部分😎

  1. Dear Editor,
  2. 開首
  • With just a few clicks on the keyboard and the mouse, you will see articles and photos about ___ flooding your news feed.
  • A recent article on the development of ___  / the phenomenon of ___ has stirred up / triggered heated controversies.
  • I am writing to express my deepest concern about n.
  • As a n.(可以係身分) , SVO

開首記住仲有兩樣嘢要寫❗️ ⚠️

你嘅立場😜 (視乎文章需否表明立場)

  • There is a diverse spectrum of opinions of xxx.
  • Divergent as people’s views on this issue in question may be, I am in favour of the idea because its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.


  • Both sides of the argument are supported by cogent reasons.
  • There are several possible reasons and solutions
  1. 正文✍🏻
  • Constructive as this suggestion may sound, implementing this measure would invariably lead to a host of problems
  1. 駁論😤 (視乎情況,不一定需要)
  • Critics put forth the idea that ___. However, I am certain that this is not the case
  1. 總結😵
  • Taking all aspects into account, it is my firm conviction that SVO

                                          6.Yours faithfully,


想知更多Letter to the Editor必背句式和框架? Spencer Sir會在《考試技巧班》上詳細教授!

Letter to the editor
DSE Paper 2 5** 文章

以上的都是一些速記,罐頭的句式,但要拿5**還有一段距離。以下會提供 2021 DSE English Paper 2 Question Sample。是出自5**狀元的手筆!

2021 Writing Q2 開首

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to express my deepest concern about the public’s lack of enthusiasm in purchasing, and by extension, driving electric cars.


As an environmentalist, I was somewhat appalled at reading the statistic that less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 were electric.

作為一名環保主義者,我對 2020 年售出的所有汽車中只有不到 3% 的電動汽車的統計數據感到有些震驚。

I have been ruminating on the possible reasons and solutions for the last few days, and hope to bring them to the attention of your readership.


letter to the editor


Speech 就有5個部分✍🏻

  1. 打招呼👋
  • Good afternoon, principal, teachers, parents and schoolmates.


  1. 自我介紹


  • I am Chris Wong, the president of the Students’ Union.
  • On behalf of the English Society, I am going to introduce the upcoming activities in the next three months.
  1. 演講目的🧐
  • I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the advantages of being a volunteer.
  1. 演講內文🤩



  • As some of you may know, I am an active volunteer.
  • For most of you, English is difficult to master.


  1. 演講結束




  •  I hope that all of you will realize the importance of regular exercise.
  •  I believe you can learn a lot by joining the English Club.
  • I wish you all a fruitful life and a rewarding future.
  • This is all for the speech today. Thank you very much.

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又嚟到天天英語嘅時候,Spencer Sir 今日教你以下五句 萬用句式! 這是值得記住的一點 It is worth remembering that + SVO 這是值得記住的一點 Ex

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