【 IELTS 9分 】 9種詞語配搭 + 必學句式

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今次我想同大家討論  IELTS 9分 必學嘅 詞語配搭 同 句式。如果同學想在 IELTS 考試奪得 9分 高分,同學必須要知道如何準備 IELTS 讀寫聽說嘅詞彙及配搭 ,才可以取得 9分 理想成績。


effect (影響)

1.      bring (產生)

2.      generate    (產生)

3.      underestimate


4.      minimize


5.      mitigate   (減輕)

6.      come into   (生效)

7.      disregard     (漠視)

8.      maximize


1.      immense (巨大)

2.      profound (巨大)

3.      positive (正面)

4.      immediate (即時)

5.      far-reaching     (深遠)

6.      lasting (持續的)

7.      deterrent  (阻嚇)

8.      ripple (擴散的)

9.      obvious (明顯)

10.   negative (負面)

11.   severe (嚴重)

12.   disastrous 


13.   domino (骨牌)

14.   chained (連鎖)

15.   negligible          (微不足道)


Example: The humiliating defeat in the Second World War brought immense effects to the mindset of the Japanese.

Example: The far-reaching effects of the mother-tongue policy cannot be estimated.

education (教育)

1.      provide (提供)

2.      get / receive (接受)

3.      complete (完成)

1.      compulsory (強制的) / free  (免費的)

2.      higher / tertiary / university (大學的)

secondary (中學的)/ primary (小學的)

3.         professional / vocational (職業的)

4.         special (特殊的)

5.         health / physical (健康的)

6.         sex (性)

7.         general / liberal



Example: Since the 1970s, the government has provided compulsory education for primary and secondary school students.

Example: Through receiving university education, we can enhance our all-round development.

difference (不同)

1.      make (創造)

2.      exaggerate (誇大)

3.      tell (分辨)

4.      emphasize (強調)

1.      enormous     (巨大的)

2.      significant    (重大的)

3.      marked (明顯)

4.      obvious (明顯)

5.      fundamental (本質上)


Example: Though many students are not intelligent, they can make a difference by working hard.

Example: Even a child can easily tell the significant difference between a deer and a horse.

difficulty (困難)

1.      cause (造成)

2.      face (面對)

3.      encounter (面對)

4.      experience (經歷)

5.      is engulfed in (陷入)

6.      tackle (處理)

7.      overcome (克服)

8.      endure (忍受)

1.      great /serious (嚴重)

2.      immense (巨大)

3.      insurmountable (不能克服的)

4.      economic / financial (經濟)

difficulty (ies)

Example: Language barriers have caused great difficulties to the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Example: Although Kobe Bryant faced serious difficulties in his recovery process, he remained upbeat and determined.

development (發展)

1.      facilitate (促進)

2.      promote (促進)

3.      foster(促進)

4.      enhance (提升)

5.      stimulate (刺激)

6.      accelerate (加速)

1.      gradual

2.      rapid

3.      economic

4.      all-round


Example: Preserving cultural heritage facilitates the development of tourism.

Example: Participation in extra-curricular activities can promote the all-round development of adolescents.


concern (關注)

1.      arouse (引起)

2.      raise (引起)

3.      express (表達)

4.      air (表達)

5.      voice (表達)

6.      There has been (一直有)

1.      major (重要)

2.      deep (深切)

3.      serious (嚴重)

4.      growing (增長的)

5.      public (公眾)

6.      international (國際)


Example: The recent suicides of primary and secondary school students have aroused deep concern about the mental health of our next generation.

Example: I am writing to voice my serious concern about the animal abuse problem.

Example: There has been growing concern about the supply of milk powder during the Christmas and Lunar New Year holidays.

chance (機會)

1.      seize (抓緊)

2.      grasp (抓緊)

3.      blow (浪費)

4.      stand (擁有)

5.      provide (提供)

6.      boost (提升)

7.      maximize (最大化)

8.      minimize (減到最低)

1.      excellent

2.      high

3.      slim (渺茫)


Example: Please seize this excellence chance of enhancing your English.

Example: He blew the chance of salvaging his marriage as he refused to apologize to his wife.

change (改變)

1.      lead to (導致)

2.      bring about (導致)

3.      make (作出)

4.      undergo (進行)

5.      force (強迫)

6.      propose (提出)

7.      adapt to (適應)

8.      resist (反抗)

1.      drastic

2.      far-reaching

3.      fundamental

4.      significant

5.      minimal


Example: The open-door policy led to drastic changes in China.

acceptance (接納)

1.      win

2.      gain

1.      complete

2.      general

3.      widespread

4.      public


Example: After the scandal, Kobe Bryant won general acceptance from the American public with his brilliant performance on the court.

ability (能力)

1.      cultivate (培養)

2.      nurture (培養)

3.      possess (擁有)

4.      enhance (提升)

5.      demonstrate (展示)

1.      outstanding (卓越的)

2.      athletic (運動的)

3.      creative (創意的)

4.      acting (演戲的)

5.      linguistic (語言的)


Example: Participating in the rugby club can nurture your athletic ability.

Example: We can enhance our linguistic ability through reading and writing extensively.

IELTS 9分 必學句式

Such is + the + adj. + n. + that + VO


Thanks to the indomitable spirit, Hong Kong achieve phenomenal success and transformation into the Pearl of the Orient.


Such is the indomitable spirit that has contributed to Hong Kong’s phenomenal success and transformation into the Pearl of the Orient.

With the ubiquity of + n. + SVO (隨著…無處不在)


Since Islamic terrorists is ubiquitous, global security is under threat.


With the ubiquity of Islamic terrorists, global security is under threat.

-ing ...


The audience watches the Korean drama so they can learn about the significance of benevolence and generosity.

Bobby is bullied by his schoolmates so he suffered from depression and is plunged to his death.


Watching the Korean drama, the audience can learn about the significance of benevolence and generosity.

Bullied by his schoolmates, Bobby suffered from depression and plunged to his death.

(The fact ) that + SVO + VO


Hong Kong is overtaken by Shenzhen and Shanghai because of the myopia of the government.


That Hong Kong is overtaken by Shenzhen and Shanghai can be attributed to the myopia of the government.

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