【 DSE Speaking 】Individual Response 5大加分位

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DSE - 皇牌考試技巧班



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DSE Speaking 其中一個有好多考生都很怕的位就是 individual response。以下,我便向大家分享一些individual response的五大加分位。讓你的說話更飽滿,更容易高分。

DSE Speaking
Individual Response

真 虛

  • Originally, I thought it was my dream job. But it turned out to be the opposite.
  • Unexpectedly/Exceeding my expectations, 句子
  • Surprisingly, 句子


  • I used to perceive that 句子
  • But, now I think that 句子

敵 我

  • Most other friends would prefer to verb
  • Other may think/argue that 句子
  • But for me, I would choose 句子
  • As a secondary school student, 句子


The culture of celebrating Thanksgiving is less common among Asians compared with foreigners. But, since the popularity of celebrating Western festivals has risen, an increasing number of Asians started celebrating Thanksgiving. A lot of businessmen are emphasizing Thanksgiving. I can see people deliver Thanksgiving cards to others and have Thanksgiving meals with their beloved ones.


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