【 IELTS Writing 】 Writing 架構 + sample

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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上次與大家分享英語會話課程推薦,今次想同大家討論 IELTS Writing 。 IELTS Writing 的結構分為 3 個部分,引言 (Introduction) 1 段、正文 (Body paragraph) 2 段 和 總結 (Conclusion) 1 段。字數大約 250 – 300。 然後,分享一段 IELTS Writing Sample 比大家。

Writing 基本架構

引言 (Introduction):

  • 介紹背景 (Background)
  • 一句 Thesis statement (立場和論點) 

正文 (Body paragraph)

  • 中心句 (Topic sentence) → 論點 
  • 論據 (Evidence/Example)
  • 推論 (Elaboration)
  • 小總結 (Conclusion)

總結 (Conclusion) 

  • 一句總結全文的句子 (Concluding) → 中心思想 
  • 願景 (Positive note) → 期望事情會怎樣發生?

IELTS Writing Sample

There is a good deal of evidence that increasing car use is contributing to global warming


Bulk car ownership is associated with various issues concerning the environment and health, like stress, global warming, and lung cancer. (Background)  Even though the convenience of owning a car has been an increasing trend, there are measures that governments may take to minimize the unnecessary use of cars. (Thesis statement)

Body paragraph:

The first and most effective mean is to make it costly to buy and use a car. (Topic Sentence) This tactic can be done by taxing heavily on first car buying, congested roads utilization, and gas consumption. (Example) By that, people start considering reducing their car use, especially unnecessary long journeys. However, there is a disadvantage of this way that is frequently the lower residents will suffer from the rising cost. The underprivileged may have to cut some crucial trips because of the financial burden, but the rich ones have the ability to uphold their convenience from automobile use. (Elaboration) Hence, this measure may be robust but not fair to the poor. (Conclusion)

Another way to discourage individuals from using their vehicles is to convince them to use alternative transportation, such as the subway, buses, and bicycles. (Topic sentence) Evidence has shown that cities, such as Tokyo and Paris, where more ubiquitous public transport systems are provided, car use expenditures are declined, and roads are less congested. (Example) People will want to use public transportations when they are more convenient than driving. (Elaboration) As a result, the government could spend more on infrastructure and transport system design and construction to provide satisfactory and competitive options. (Conclusion)


To conclude, raising the cost of owning a car might be effective to reduce the usage of cars. (Concluding sentence) However, improving and encouraging public transport may be better and more appropriate to reach the goal. (Positive note)

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