【購物 英文教學】 Shopping 時與店員對話的35句英文對話

Spencer Lam
Spencer Lam
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購物 英文 – 雖然最近疫情肆虐,明明是出國 / 回國的旺季,卻不能趁機出國 / 回國渡假。可是就算少了旅遊的機會,大家仍然能在地購物。相信沒有人不喜歡 購物 吧。但是如果購物時因為語言不通,又不想去報讀 英文課程 ,無法與店員流暢溝通,這不是很掃興嗎?

所以Spencer Sir今天就教大家一些在英語國家實用的 購物英文 小句子。





Can I get this in a size five, please? 請問這鞋子有五號的尺寸嗎?

Could I try this shoe on in a seven? 我能試穿七號的嗎?

Could I get this in nine and a half? 我能拿九號半的嗎?



I don’t know what my size is. / I don’t know what size I am. 我不知道我的尺寸

Excuse me, can you take my measurement? 不好意思,你能否幫我量一下尺寸嗎?



Excuse me, do you have different sizes for this jacket? 麻煩你,這件夾克有別的尺寸嗎?

Do you have it in any other sizes? 這件有別的尺寸嗎?

What other sizes are available? 還有哪些尺寸呢?



May I have the next size updown, please? 麻煩你,可以給我大/小一號的尺寸嗎?

注意英文的尺寸大中小說法是,large/ medium/ small,不是middle喔!


I want to have a large. 我想要一件大號的

Give me a medium, please. 請給我中號的

Have you got it in small? 有沒有小號的?

Where is the change room? 試衣間在哪裡?

Do you have a fitting room? 你們有試衣間嗎?


Sorry, it doesn’t fit. 不好意思,這尺寸不合

It’s not my size. 這跟我的尺寸不合


一家百貨公司,商品多不勝數,眼花撩亂,想知道某種商品在哪? 又或是如果想找特定的商品,又該怎麼問店員呢?

Excuse me, where is your tank top*? 不好意思,您們的背心在哪裡?

*Tank top 指的是較貼身,男士當上衣穿的背心,而Vest 是指套在衣服外面,或男性搭配在襯衫外的背心。

Do you have mini-skirts here? 你們有賣迷你裙嗎?




  1. Is there any discount on this?

  2. I’m interested in buying this, but the price is a bit high.

  3. Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts that I can take advantage of?

  4. I’m buying several items. Can you offer a bulk discount?

  5. I’m a loyal customer. Can you offer me a discount on this purchase?

  6. Can you waive the shipping fee if I buy this item?



以下是一些購物時用來 pack 貨品的英文句子:

  1. Can you please pack these items into a shopping bag for me?

  2. I’d like to buy this item, but can you please pack it in a gift box?

  3. Can you wrap this item up for me, please?

  4. I need to pack these fragile items carefully. Can you provide some bubble wrap or packing peanuts?

  5. Can you pack these items separately? I don’t want them to get scratched or damaged.

  6. Could you please double bag this item? It’s heavy and I don’t want the bag to break.

  7. I have a lot of items to pack. Can I get a cart or a trolley to help me move them to my car?

  8. Can you please label this package as fragile? I want to make sure it’s handled carefully during shipping.

  9. I need to pack these items into a suitcase. Can you help me choose a size that’s large enough?

  10. Please make sure to pack the receipt with the items. I may need it for returns or exchanges later.

真實Shopping 英文對話

這個對話是spencer sir 在外國exchange時 真實聽到的對話。這應該頗有參考價值,在此與大家分享!

Shopping conversation

Buyer: Hi, I’m looking for a dress for a wedding I’m attending next month. Can you help me find something?

Staff: Of course! What kind of dress are you looking for? Something formal or more casual?

Buyer: Something formal, but not too over-the-top. I want to look nice, but not steal the show.

Staff: Okay, let me show you some options. How about this one? It’s a navy blue maxi dress with a lace overlay. It’s elegant but not too flashy.

Buyer: Hmm, I like the color, but I’m not sure about the lace. Do you have anything without lace?

Staff: Sure, how about this one? It’s a satin wrap dress in a deep red color. It’s very flattering and would be perfect for a wedding.

Buyer: I like the sound of that. Can I try it on?

Staff: Absolutely! Follow me to the fitting room, and I’ll grab a few different sizes for you to try.

(After trying on the dress)

Buyer: I love it! It’s so comfortable and looks great on me.

Staff: I’m glad you like it! Do you need any accessories or shoes to go with it?

Buyer: Actually, I was thinking of wearing some gold jewelry and nude heels. Do you have any recommendations?

Staff: Definitely! We havea great selection of gold jewelry and nude heels that would complement the dress perfectly. Let me show you some options.

(Buyer and staff browse accessories and shoes)

Buyer: I think these gold hoop earrings and strappy nude heels are perfect. How much would they be?

Staff: The earrings are $25 and the shoes are $50. Would you like me to ring them up for you?

Buyer: Yes, please. And can you put the dress on hold for me? I want to think about it a little more before I make a final decision.

Staff: Sure thing, I can hold it for 24 hours. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Buyer: No, that’s all for now. Thank you so much for your help!

Staff: My pleasure. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great day!

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